Micah Cohen is a Tech Cocktail writer interested in startups, innovation and growth strategies. Currently, Micah is a Director at the fast-growing social dining LA startup, Grubwithus, and previously worked on user acquisition at LivingSocial.

Micah is passionate about using technology to re-imagine our world across industries, social classes, and countries. He loves playing soccer, painting, and biking.

You can follow him on Twitter @miccohen


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Sync OnSet Adds Technology to the TV/Film Creative Process

Proof that no industry is beyond being re-imagining by technology, Sync OnSet is solving inefficiencies in the TV/Film industry. The goal of the product is to simplify the creative process during TV and film production. Wymsee, Inc, the Cambridge, MA-based team behind Sync ...


Exec’s Expands its On-Demand Cleaning Service

Exec is an errand running and cleaning service with on-demand, high-quality personal assistants for individuals and companies. Exec started last year in San Francisco; this week Exec announced plans to expand to New York City, Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles. As they scale, ...


Where are you Gonnabe? Time to plan the future.

Gonnabe is an app that aims to help you plan your future. Have you ever wondered what events friends, colleagues or industry leaders are doing this weekend? Gonnabe allows you to announce places that you will be in the future (can be marked public...


Simplify Student Loan Repayment with

Brendon McQueen, founder and CEO of, graduated Columbia University facing 12 student loans. His student loan story is not unique. More than 37 million people in the U.S. have student loans, totaling more than $1 Trillion (eclipsing credit card debt and automotive ...


Data Nerds at OpBandit Are Rethinking Online Newspapers

When newspapers were print-only, the idea of optimizing headlines, images, and content, or doing audience segmentation, must have seemed impossible. Today, most news organizations that are transitioning their content to online, and mobile platforms haven’t realized the ...


Amazon’s Product Updates Focus on the Customer

Amazon introduced a slew of new products on September 6 in Santa Monica, including e-readers and tablets (ranging from $69-$499), software (X-ray and upgrades to Whispersync), upgrades to hardware (first tablets to have MIMO and Dolby Digital Plus), and new content for its ...


4 Steps to Grow Your User Base

User growth requires a solid analytical approach and a creative mindset to mold and build captivating and stimulating messaging. The following four steps are core to growing a user base for companies with an online presence: 1. Optimize the landing page. Since the landing...