Non-Core Startup Activities Best Left to Outside Professionals

Every business owner faces a dilemma: should his company try and deal with all its challenges on its own, or should some of the processes be outsourced to external specialists? For large companies it is sometimes viable to keep all kinds of experts in their employment – but small business owners generally have no choice but to outsource non-core activities. So, which ones should go first?

1. Web Design

Of course, in our day and age any moderately literate person can whomp up something that would at least resemble a website with the help of WordPress. Sometimes such creations will even look as if they were created by a professional – after all, a lot of elements in them will be pre-made. However, it is still preferable to hire a real professional. The reason is simple – a professional web designer will create a unique design that won’t be repeated by a hundred other resources. It will make it possible to reflect your company’s individuality and better communicate with clients.

2. SEO

SEO is an industry in and of itself, and a rapidly developing industry at that. Situation on SEO market can change completely in a matter of days, as it happens every time Google releases its next major update wreaking havoc in all existing and habitual SEO principles. A business that doesn’t deal with the sphere of SEO specifically cannot hope to keep abreast of all these changes – which means that delegating your SEO problems to a dedicated team of professionals, like 1SEOIN, will always be preferable to trying to do it all on your own.

3. Programming

It is nice to have an expert programmer in your employment, but ask yourself – how often are you going to need his or her services? For most small businesses, dealing with programmers means hiring them to develop an app or a piece of software for your company, and unless you have to update and modernize this app on a regular basis or fix hundreds of bugs, cooperation ends there. If IT sphere is supplementary for your business, you will be better off hiring programmers on the side.

4. Accounting

Accounting is not just time-consuming, but also an extremely specialized job to do. Learning even the basics of accounting is going to take an enormous amount of time and effort, and you shouldn’t forget that the rules are constantly changing, and only those who make it their life choice can hope to keep an eye on all the changes that happen. A mistake in accounting will not simply cost your money, it can also lead to extremely unpleasant legal problems – and professional accountants know the rules and ways to keep you out of trouble.

The secret of success in any business is to define what is most important for your company at the given moment and concentrate all your efforts on this area of work. Outsourcing non-core activities can do a world of good for any business that is looking for ways to optimize its work processes.

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