Noria Offers a Lightweight Upgrade to the Air Conditioner

Summer is right around the corner. And if you are the type of person that shirks your outdoor responsibilities and sits in the living room to avoid the heat, air conditioning is a gift you never plan to give back. But without central air, you’ll be forced to lug your old window-mounted air conditioner up three flights of stairs just to drop it on your car from your third story window. Unless, of course, you check out the Kickstarter campaign for Noria, the not-annoying alternative for your air conditioning needs.

Noria has so many practical and enjoyable features that you will be shocked you ever used those big, ugly units at all. From bluetooth connectivity for simple adjustments in bed to a fresh air mode that let’s you feel the breeze without uninstalling, there is no end to the simplicity of this air conditioner. But while all these bells and whistles are attractive and exciting, there is one feature that makes Noria the king of window-mounted air conditioners: it’s small!


Finally, right?!  Window-mounted air conditioners have not seen any technological improvements since their invention in 1935. To be honest, it’s a little embarrassing that it took this long for people to realize that there was a better way to enjoy cool air. Not only does the small size make for easy, one-person installations, but it also means that you get your window back. No longer will you forced to stare at a loudly whirring monster every time you want to take in a little sunlight thanks to this six inch tall revelation of modern technology. And CEO Kurt Swanson is confident that people are sick of their old models.

“Now that it’s warming up, people are still dealing with their big, boxy air conditioner,” said Swanson in a statement. “The pain is still fresh in their mind. We’re hoping that will be the impetus for people to say: ‘OK, this is the last year I use this stupid thing! I want to upgrade next year.’ “

The campaign was launched by Philadelphia-based Likuma Labs, a product design and creative engineering company that is notably committed to the production of new and innovative technologies. They have championed a wide range of unique and advanced technologies, including a food puzzle for dogs, an iPhone powered DNA analysis program, an easy way to get eyewear prescriptions and a home security system smaller than your fist.


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