How to Offer the Right Employee Benefits with Aspire

When Luke was looking for a new job, he received two job offers. Both jobs paid the same and offered the same health insurance options. What set the two companies apart were their perks.

Company A only provided a gym membership near where Luke would work. Company B allowed Luke to choose his own employee benefits through Aspire. Aspire partners with companies in the D.C. area to bring a variety of competitive and unique employee perks.

How Aspire works

Each month, employers set the amount of money their employees can use toward their desired perks. Then employees choose the perk that best fits their wants and lifestyle. HR is also allowed to set up company-wide perks like a fully-stocked snack pantry and catered lunches that all employees will benefit from.

For employers: Narrowing down a few company-wide employee perks often means misunderstanding what employees like Luke are truly looking for. Aspire takes the pressure off of HR by offering a wide variety of benefits and takes care of fulfilling all perks.

Giving employees the ability to meet their individual needs allows employers to maintain a happy and productive work environment.

For employees: Employees will particularly love Aspire because they get to choose the perks they really want. With the variety of people in a workplace, you can guarantee that what makes a great perk for Luke will not make a great perk for Joan.

Aspire offers perks ranging from homemade meal and snack delivery, to meditation classes and massages, to football tickets, to career counseling.

Pros of Aspire

  • Saves companies money by decreasing unused employee perks.
  • Tracks the success of each perk to gain a better understanding of what makes a perk desirable.
  • Aspire takes care of fulfilling every perk.

Cons of Aspire

  • Limited to the Washington D.C. area, for now.
  • Must request a demo and pricing information.

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