Optimize Fitness Brings Machine Learning to Your Workout

Smart technology has made life so much easier in recent years. It’s made homes safer, it’s made meals tastier, and it’s made watches a whole lot more complicated. Unfortunately, there is no device that can work out for you. There’s no app that can motivate you to run, and there’s no wearable that will give you abs. Working out is still something you need  to do on your own. Fortunately, one startup is hoping to make it a little more fun and a lot more productive in the future.

Optimize Fitness is the only fitness app that uses advanced machine learning to tailor your fitness activities into a personalized experience. By providing detailed instructions and videos of warm-ups, work-outs, and stretches, you’ll be able to learn and grow your arsenal of exercises as the app learns through inputted data.

Optimize Fitness is the only app that utilizes machine learning to bring true customization to the fitness world,”said Joe Laws, founder and CEO of Optimize Fitness in a press release. “It will continue to improve by incorporating more genetic and sensor data in order to further personalize the workouts it generates.”

While many might think this app is merely another fitness tracker, think again. With this kind of advanced machine learning, even personal trainers are taking note of the customized exercises and growing potential for this kind of technology. And before today, this kind of athletic development was only available to a select category of fitness fanatics.

“Optimize Fitness is intelligent enough that athletic trainers can use it to create workouts for their clients, giving them more time to focus on improving their clients’ form and technique,” said Laws in the same press release. “This level of workout guidance was previously only available to professional athletes.”

Everyone has struggled with a stupid diet. There isn’t a person in the world that hasn’t gone for a run one day, only to sit on the couch and eat Doritos for hours on end. Being active is unreasonably difficult. And while there isn’t any technology that can work out for you, this app is going to make things a whole lot easier. After all, don’t we all want someone to tell us exactly what we have to do to lose weight?

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