Optimize Website Traffic With Lucky Orange’s Powerhouse Data Analytics

You have just finished building an epic new website, but there seems to be a little voice inside your head telling you it amounts to nothing and will get no traffic. When it comes to a new website, it can be tricky to be sure of what is going on without the proper data analytics.

Brian Gruber, owner and founder, created Lucky Orange to fill the void of understanding how people are actually interacting with a website and to shut that nagging voice up once and for all.

Designed as a usage and customer feedback tool for website owners, Lucky Orange provides succinct data to increase the return on investment for website-based businesses and services by identifying key areas in customer abandonment.

“No need for a PhD in data analytics or pesky Excel documents anymore,” says Gruber.

Lucky Orange works behind the scenes and offers website owners a multitude of features to monitor their user base. The suite is comprised of real-time analytics, visitor polls, visitor recordings, live sessions, heatmaps, live chat software, and live visitor maps.

  • Real-time analytics inform a website owner of anything happening on their site at any specific moment, while compiling top keywords and holding a running visitor count.
  • Visitor polls can be added or deleted immediately from a site without any coding hassle and give users a chance to rate their experience.
  • Recordings and live sessions allow site owners to watch real-time use of their site or record user sessions for future study.
  • Heatmaps aggregate mouse movement and scroll depth data for the site owner and presents it in a sci-fi-esque visual representation of the hottest parts of the site.
  • Live chat integrates seamlessly to give users an outlet to voice any concerns from anywhere on the site, while live visitor maps provide a real-time map of all visitors to the website.

“We get a lot of people who want to know how to effectively drive traffic to their site,” says Gruber. “We are able to show them exactly how to drive traffic while showing them exactly what their current user base is doing.”

If a user gets stuck filling out a bugged form, cannot contact you, or misses crucial parts of your website, Luck Orange can track, diagnose, and fix these issues. That is, not only does Lucky Orange provide a diagnosis, it also provides a solution.

“Every day, thousands of people create their own website and hold their breath hoping things work out,” explains Gruber. “I say: Why not take steps to make current traffic work better for you?”

Lucky Orange was featured at Tech Cocktail’s Kansas City Mixer & Startup Showcase and also won the live SMS poll for the hottest featured startup. 

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