Passion: How This Entrepreneur Changed Sports Media

Sports consumption has been changed for the better. It’s now easier than ever to consume sports from all over the world, wherever you happen to be at the time. The 74.9 million-strong Baby Boomer generation used to have to consume sports through limited TV coverage, going to the games, or reading about it in the newspaper the next day.

Today’s generation has a wealth of options at their disposal. Leading sports consumption into the next century is entrepreneur Nish Patel. This man has created ClutchPoints, which is a platform designed to bring fact-based reporting and the emotional crockpot of a full stadium together.

Patel has placed the NBA at the heart of ClutchPoints, and the early success of this platform has indicated there’s a huge amount of potential for growth in this category.

This is a venture that has been driven by Patel’s passion, which is why ClutchPoints is primarily about personalization.

Building on Strong Foundations

Baby Boomers were the first to experience 24-hour sports. The concept has been enhanced through ClutchPoints, which is a place where people can discuss their favorite teams and debate on the issues of the day. ClutchPoints has come from the idea that ESPN helped to develop: that sports should be available all the time.

ClutchPoints Screenshot

ClutchPoints screenshot.

The difference comes with the community. You can share in the emotions of the fans in real-time whenever a basketball game is being played. You can see everything from the shock of the crowd to the anger and jubilation on the benches. It’s just like going to the game yourself.

Full Personalization for the Me Generation

Millennials are less concerned about community and more concerned about themselves. This may sound selfish, but it’s actually just about having the desire to be different. Patel has realized this inherent need on the part of millennials, and that’s what he’s catered ClutchPoints towards.

Everything on this platform can be personalized and transformed according to what the individual cares about. If you care about a certain player you can make sure you get the news on them first.  You can then debate with others on the platform. During last season’s NBA play-offs, a huge number of people debated and discussed the game against the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors.

An Entrepreneurial Passion

Like all good ideas, they are born out of passion. Sports fans come from all over the country and from all backgrounds. ClutchPoints was formed to bring all these people together, united by a single love.

Patel has always been passionate about entrepreneurship. He followed his passion at Startup UCLA, and this is what led him to help people experience the NBA differently.

ClutchPoints Redefines Sports Reporting

People are demanding that they can consume sports on absolutely any device they like. ClutchPoints has made that a reality, and they have done this through providing a 360-view of whole games. The rise of mobile has meant people are demanding content on-demand.

The mobile revolution has ensured that people are pickier than ever in this 24-hour world. ClutchPoints means you’re always connected to your favorite sports teams. You never have to worry about missing the game again because you can watch it with a simple Wi-Fi connection.

The Experience Economy is Here

One of the facets that Patel discovered about sports reporting is that the experience economy has heavily influenced it. Reporting on all the facts might make for good journalism, but none of that matters if nobody is tuning in to it. TV stations are always trying to find out what makes for the best experience, and most of the time they’re getting it wrong.

ClutchPoints has taken this to a whole new level because it’s no longer about trying to make the decision for someone. They get to choose what type of content they consume.

It all goes back to the growth of the experience economy. People are not as interested in the price of something. They’re interested in the experience they’re taking away from it.


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