If You’re a Personal Assistant, it Might Be Time to Look for a New Job

If you’re anything like Franck Nouyrigat, working on your startup means late nights checking through emails that continue to come in from all different time zones. That’s why he’s thankful for his personal assistant Amy. He wrote this blog post about his experience with AI service x.ai, which we’ve covered here previously on Tech.Co. The story below is fully excerpted from that post.

Amy is a hard worker and she works nonstop, but the most amazing thing about Amy is that she is an artificial intelligence.
If you’re a personal assistant, it is already time to look for a new job.

Amy took away any need I might have for a remote assistant. All I need to do is to send her an email and cc whoever I want to meet. “She” will look at my calendar and organize a call at the best time possible. It’s still very basic, but I’m mesmerized by how much she “understands” me.

For instance, she politely asks me for my favorite places in New York or Brooklyn so she can arrange my physical meetings there. In few words she’s really making my life easier, and that is something both amazing and scary if your current job is to be an assistant.

Will Life Imitate Art?

As everything with silicon-based technology, this is just the beginning; in the last 30 years we saw the rise of Object oriented programming, that allowed to build amazingly complex software. But the future will see the rise of a new Paradigm: Agent Oriented Programming. What that means is that objects are becoming alive! They can “feel” and talk with each other.

Like in Pinocchio who was just a wooden doll, Mario who was just an “object” started to almost have a life of his own as an intelligent agent.

We’re years away from the movie “Her” where the all Operating System is an agent but, hopefully the future of Help Desk will be better than the one in the movie.


Image Credit: Luis Llerena

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