Previously the Managing Editor at Tech.Co, Ann Diab has a background of launching and nurturing of startups and tech companies.

Empowering and educating entrepreneurs and startups to better productivity and culture is her passion. Growth Manager at WorkingOn to enable folks all over the world to enjoy work and improve communication. Follow me on Twitter.


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Ukraine Space City Nurtures Space Technology Startups

Space technology startups are getting more attention than ever – in 2015, $1.8 billion in venture capital was raised by space startups. Whether it's building rockets or capitalizing on the data being captured by satellites, a new “space race” is getting ...


Why your Employees Will Never Tell you They’re Unhappy

You’re an open-minded, easy-to-approach manager. You get along well with your team, and no one seems to have any complaints. You’re pretty sure that your non-scary demeanor would invite confidential sharing of problems, and since you haven’t heard about any, then the team ...


Technology Empowers Content Creators to Earn in New Ways

Historically content creators have struggled with media and record companies to gain more control over releasing their material and making fairer incomes from their work. Recent advances in technology are providing options that can make this a reality. The pervasiveness of ...


Economic Espionage: Is Your Competition Hacking You?

This article was originally posted to LinkedIn by Marcus Eagan, CEO and Founder at Nodal Industries. At Nodal, Eagan is doing his best to make the internet a safer place.  Corporate espionage is on the rise. For those unfamiliar with the term – also...


RoomMe and Next User Win San Francisco Startup of the Year

In a casual, relaxed environment Friday night in San Francisco, Joel Trammell and San Francisco attendees gathered at Parisoma to learn about leadership and mix and mingle with local startups. By voting online and in person, San Francisco told us loud and clear who would...


Working a 60 Hour Week Results in Negative Productivity

Are people actually faking workaholism? According to Jason Lengstorf, companies in America have pushed employees so far that dedication to work is actually something to be proud of. Sleeplessness has become a strange badge of honor. At Future Insights Live in Las Vegas, ...


Silk Road Creator Sentenced to Life in Prison

Prosecutors referred to Ross Ulbricht as “the kingpin of a worldwide digital drug-trafficking enterprise.” The judge handing down the life sentence described Ulbricht's actions in creating the Silk Road as “terribly destructive to our social fabric.” Initially ...


Having a Branded App that Does Less Means More for SMBs

Smartphones have now become our all-in-one portal for mobile engagement with the digital world. Whether we use it to check emails, the news, trade stocks, share experiences, get directions, or order food, nearly everything we do in our daily lives can be accessed with...