Protect Your Smartphone’s Privacy with LEO Privacy Guard

It has happened to everyone: we leave our smartphone unattended and a “friend” takes it to snoop around our texts and photos, or even to go publish something goofy on a social network. Because our smartphones have information that no one else can see – and in order to prevent the exploit of personal information in more serious cases like thefts – it is important to have a way to protect our files, our messages and our general content.

LEO Privacy Guard is a mobile app that does exactly that, along with some other very interesting features. Available for Android and, now, for iOS, this app is brings a set of tools which promise to protect the privacy of all smartphone users. It is built to keep any apps or content (like SMS messages, photos or videos) safe from the prying eyes of others.

One of the best functionalities of LEO Privacy Guard is the ability to lock apps, which can be useful in multiple ways, like stopping our friends from posting goofy messages on our social network profiles or even stop our kids from spending our entire mobile data plan.

This app is also useful to hide our personal content like SMS messages, photos and videos, which is done (like the app lock feature) by defining a 4-digit passcode or a pattern, along with a secret question to remind the user of the passcode or the pattern. Users can also create some “modes”, like Home, Work or Guest, allowing them to define the locks of apps and content according to the location or time of day. This app can also be used to monitor mobile data.

LEO Privacy Guard is great app to keep personal and private content and apps from prying eyes. This is not only a matter of “having anything to hide” but, instead, to protect sensitive information from people who should not have access to it, making this an important app for everyone to have.

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