Yes, Real World Market Verticals Use Beacon Technology

Beacons like the Apple iBeacon have transformed how we navigate ourselves in public or indoor areas, and how we make our shopping experience faster, better and less cumbersome. There’s always the question of who actually uses this technology. Rest easy because there are a lot of real world sectors that employ the use of iBeacons.


  • From Check-in systems to sending information about a patient’s status to their family, hospitals and medical centers can send all critical information directly via iBeacons installed in their premises.
  • With iBeacon powered apps, the patient’s family members can easily schedule appointments to meet the patient and check-in when they finally arrive at the clinic lobby.
  • Receptionists can also see a full list of those people who’ve checked in and how long they’ve been waiting to meet the doctor/patient.
  • Since iBeacons auto-display various data, doctors or nurses can quickly access a patient’s records automatically just as they enter the patient’s room making diagnosis and treatment faster.

Retail and Physical Stores

  • Whenever a customer enters your store or outlet, welcome them with ‘store welcomes’ directly sent to their mobile phone automatically via an iBeacon like “Welcome to our store. Be sure to check out the latest deals on raincoats since it is going to rain soon”.
  • If a customer is walking by your front door, send them messages to encourage them into entering your store and purchase something thanks to walker-by discounts.
  • Retail discounts on any product can be floated to the customer when they are inside the boundary of an iBeacon and push notifications of certain kind regarding the products near that specific iBeacon can be sent to the customer’s phone.
  • Your store app can have a timer-fed discounts to encourage customers to buy a discounted product within a time limit or lose the offer.


  • Track your products via Bluetooth tags or RFID chips to know that they are within your premises and not stolen.
  • Track users going around your store and keep a tab on the number of people physically inside your store/outlet.
  • Take note of customer-walking patterns for the purchases and see what sections of the store they ignore. This way, you can advertise non-selling items better.
  • Add a ‘Find-me’ button in your app to help customers track a sales associate in your store without having to run around the store themselves.


  • Auto-display products and their details with a customer’s arrival at your store. Display reviews and general items that are purchased more. This way, customers can quickly shoot off to the carousel number and buy their needed product/s much faster without delay on products they will not buy.
  • Help users compare between two products with reviews when they are between two similar products from different companies.
  • Help customers make smooth payments, they can quickly pay with their phone while in-store and have the receipt displayed on their phone with which they can exit the store. Paperless wonder.

Events & Trade Shows

  • Organize scavenger hunts, easy check-ins and give points to people visiting certain booths or stands.
  • Help attendees find their seats with map guidance via a generated map.
  • Customers can read current reviews and tweets about the event for free via Bluetooth, no data charges required.

Restaurants and Bars

  • Initiate automatic Restaurant welcomes, whenever someone enters your outlet.
  • Give walker-by discounts to customers when they walk past your outlet and urge them to come in and enjoy a discounted dinner.
  • Help them find what they are looking for with automated menus and menu suggestions via push notifications.
  • They can order via the app. No waiters required.
  • Smooth payments via the app initiating cashless payments.

iBeacons are perfect check-in systems. They help people arrive on time and at the right place with maps. Apart from that, you can make smooth payments and engage yourself at a place with customized offers and discounts made just for you.

With businesses utilizing technology to its core for generating revenue, iBeacon technology is becoming the future of mobile user acquisition. Packed with powerful targeting and analytics iBeacons are making life easier for merchants as well as end-users.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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