Real World Marketing Ideas for Your Online Business

Owning an online business comes with a lot of advantages. For one, online businesses allow for seriously reduced overhead cost. If you don’t own or pay rent to use a physical space, you can channel that money into other parts of the business. But just because the majority of this business takes place in the digital world, doesn’t mean you should ignore traditional, real-world marketing tactics.

The key to having a quality marketing strategy in an online company is a blend of both old school techniques and new school strategies that can result in the most exceptional profits. Check out this list to learn some fresh ways to use established methods for growing your business:

Traditional Advertising

Effectively using digital advertisements and social media are an important part of promoting any online business. However, don’t underestimate the power of offline mediums when it comes to generating interest. A simple, well-placed billboard that prominently features your website can inspire drivers stuck in traffic to visit your website when they make it home.

Memorable television and radio commercials still have a big impact on how consumers make decisions. Even a print ad in the local newspaper or special interest magazine can do some real good for your marketing efforts. Even though your business might rely on using the forefront of technology, don’t forget that quite a few of your consumers are still consuming information in very traditional ways. And if you insert the right message, preferably yours, in the right place at the right time, you’re almost guaranteed to increase sales.

Event Marketing

There’s no denying that events are a good way to raise awareness for your business. But spreading specific messages shouldn’t be your number one goal. Events are about leaving potential customers with a positive impression that could lead to future sales. When planning an event (or participating in one), the first place you should start is with signage.

Making sure you’re an integral part of the experience and stand out from the rest of the crowd is important in catching people’s attention. Whether you’re set up in a booth or taking a prominent spot on a promotional poster, make sure your brand stays consistent.

Free Swag

Getting people to notice you is only half of the battle. Potential customers will remember you long after they leave the event if you give them something to remember you with. And everybody loves getting free stuff.

Free stuff is a gift to potential customers that keeps on giving. Not only will most people be willing to listen to what you have to offer if they get something out of it, almost anything that you put your logo on serves as a walking billboard.

Try to separate yourself from the crowd with creative designs and useful products. A lot of design companies even have personalized design programs to let you see how your logos look on shirts, sweatpants and more. Ideally, there will be quite a few people who see the logo and want to investigate further by searching for you business online.

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