Recommendation App Tril Makes It Personal

March 31, 2016

3:11 pm

There are few things more painful than enduring a terrible recommendation. And whether your best friend is forcing a YouTube video down your throat or your mom has sent you a list of the ten best movies to help you find a husband, at least you were recommended by someone you know. Celebrity endorsements and edgy billboards rarely inform your purchasing decisions, and Tril thinks it should definitely stay that way.

This unique recommendation app, created by two Argentinian entrepreneurs, allows you to follow people you actually trust based on a wide range of consumable criteria. You can find recommendations for books, movies, music, TV shows or restaurants from people whose first and last name you’ve actually heard before. Tril aims to cultivate a community of recommenders and recommendees that are trustworthy and helpful.


“What about my friend that has amazing taste in music but terrible taste in movies? Do I have to watch Gigli if I want to listen to The Black Keys?” Of course not! Tril allows users to customize each recommenders profile to allow certain media while preventing others. And weren’t you just telling someone how your taste in all things Netflix is unmatched? Well with Tril, you can take your impeccable taste on a tour of your friends’ pages by making a recommendation for everything from Daredevil to Making A Murderer.

Think this is a dumb idea? Well then you’re dumb, because this necessity for trustworthy recommendations is backed up by science. A recent study showed that 92 percent of consumers trust a recommendation from someone they know more than an advertisement. And that other 8 percent was most likely watching that super convincing Geico ad with the gecko that can talk. That little guy sure knows a thing or two about affordable car insurance.

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