Elsayyad Medical Is Recruiting for Physicians by Physicians

According to a recent report, the demand for physicians is growing much faster than the supply. And while the need for online tech reporters is obviously very high, doctors are one of those things you kind of need. Unfortunately, most recruiting agencies are run by people outside the medical field. Their lack of insight has prevented bright, aspirating doctors from finding their footing in a fascinating field. But now, Elsayyad Medical Group is trying to fix this problem from the inside. And it’s working.

We spoke with founder and CEO Ahmed Elsayyad about the growing importance of effective physician recruiting. He emphasizes what makes his company stick out compared to the competition, how they plan to further change the healthcare system and what kind of success he plans to have with Elsayyad Medical.

In regards to his company, the medical field and the world’s physician shortage, here’s what he had to say:

How does Elsayyad Medical differ and stand out from other physician recruiting agencies such as CompHealth?

Elsayyad: There are two main ways EMG stands out from the competition:

  1. We offer lower prices for the same service – The problem with current staffing firms is that they are too expensive for smaller private practices to afford. They range from $22-30k per physician placement. Since EMG does not have the large costs that CompHealth or Merritt Hawkins has, we can charge much lower prices ($12-18k) for the same service.

  1. We are run by future healthcare stakeholders- Everyone on the EMG team is on the path to become a healthcare provider or administrator. This makes us better able to connect with the healthcare providers we recruit.

How does your fee structure work?

Elsayyad: We charge based on successful placement. We have a risk free model in which a client does not pay anything (no on-boarding or retainer fees) upfront. Hospitals and medical practices only pay after they have hired the candidate. We charge between $12-18k depending on provider type (NPs vs MDs), location, and speciality.

What type of physicians sub-specialties do you recruit for?

Elsayyad: We recruit for all physicians. Finding a neurosurgeon is more difficult than a primary care doctor and as a result, requires more resources. This is why neurosurgeons are billed at a higher rate.

What are your goals for the next 5 years with Elsayyamedical.com?

Elsayyad: Our teams feels that there are many inefficiencies in the healthcare system. We would like to expand our services in the future. We are currently researching future expansion into the Virtual Scribe arena. Ideally, five years from now, we would be the one stop shop for medical services.

What prompted you to launch this company?

Elsayyad: I studied Public Health at Johns Hopkins University and was shortly accepted into medical school during my sophomore year. Since I no longer had to worry about applying to medical school, I had much more freedom to explore other interests. During my Junior year, I found a local practice was having trouble recruiting physicians. I wanted to see if I could help. With a small budget, I was able to successfully recruit and place an infectious disease physician for that practice. After that, I decided to graduate early in order to launch EMG.

What kind of success have you had so far?

Elsayyad: We have secured client contracts amounting to just over $400k. Some of our notable clients are One Medical, American College of Healthcare Trustees and Robert Wood Johnson. Also we have been mentioned as an expert on healthcare and recruiting on WebMD, Monster.com, Recruiter.com and more.

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