Reel in Your Redesign With These 3 Simple Questions

User experience is a big part of retaining customers, and interface is a big part of the user experience. Keeping it attractive and enticing to the viewer should always be a top priority. If your website or mobile app isn’t getting the attention it so clearly deserves, a redesign is the perfect way to stay up-to-date with the needs of your consumers.

There are a lot of ways a redesign can go wrong. Don’t spend all that time, effort and money on a redesign that is going to cause more problem than it solves. There are certain variables to always keep in mind, and others aren’t nearly as important as you think.

Use a Reasonable Approach to Redesign

A new look can be just the shot of life your website needs. In fact, Margin Media estimates 52 percent of mobile users withhold business from a company if its mobile experience is bad. By upgrading your look or improving product accessibility, customer engagement can be greatly increased.

Unfortunately, many companies get distracted by the wrong things. A lot of businesses lean on features and give customers too many options. If your desired action is to let them buy, then let them buy.

When beginning a redesign, you should always watch people use your product. After that, ask these three questions:

1. What’s the competition doing?

While some aspects of redesign include silence and observation, others include inquiries into the user experience. “What are some of your favorite apps?” will almost always unearth a common thread among users.

The easiest way to get a good idea of why customers don’t like your website or mobile app is to find out what your competition is up to. After all, that’s where you customers are likely going if they aren’t satisfied with what you have.

2. Who are we?

Break your product down to its elevator pitch. Whatever revamping you do, keep that objective in mind. No matter what.

In its recent redesign, Instagram replaced its colorful scheme for a mostly black-and-white look. The thought process behind this was to return to the app’s image-sharing roots. This update prompted users to focus entirely on the photos and allowed Instagram to reinforce its brand identity.

3. What’s the desired action?

The design world has evolved to light colors and flat, boxy buttons. Weighing that against months and months of user surveys can help determine how to tweak things to create a better experience. Simply put, find out what your customers want to do on  your website, and let them do it.

Changing the face of a website or an app can make or break your company, which is why it’s so important to ask the right questions and aim for a stellar customer experience. By striking a well-designed balance between company goals and consumer wants, a redesign will breathe new life into a product and ultimately change your brand for the better.

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