Routzy: The All-In-One CRM iPad App for Sales Professionals

Whether you’re selling a product or working in the service industry, you probably know the many number of steps in the sales process. Now try searching the App Store to fill one of those needs. You’ll find innumerable options to choose from to accommodate each and every step. Lead management, proposal generation, note-taking … you name it, there’s an app for that.

But one application launched by Columbus, Ohio-based Coalesce Software is looking to provide an answer to all of those needs in one place. Their latest iPad application, Routzy, is that answer. With features covering every move from contact management to follow up to invoicing and everything in between, you can easily use this tool to track all sales activity with great ease of resource access.

“Between my long running company, My Service Depot, and my newest venture developing tablet apps, our team has been building software for the service industry for nearly 20 years,” says Skip Stringfield, President of Coalesce Software and Lead Developer of Routzy.

“Every business has sales reps, and I knew when the iPad first generation released that the tablet device was the perfect fit for a complete mobile CRM solution. So we created Routzy with the goal of being a perfect tool to give a sales rep a 100% mobile solution that they will love and use.”

As a services consultant, I was eager to give the application a try to find out what I might be lacking in my lead tracking process. As the president, marketing department, sales rep, and only producer at my company, I’ve not been too concerned with mobility of a platform like this because I’m at my computer much of the work day. But an all-inclusive program is hard to turn away from regardless of its form, even if my sales process is not as extensive as others’.

The key for me was that the platform was extremely useful for breaking down phone conference goals and activity, an important part of my sales process when I determine if I’m a good fit for the client. I also really appreciate the invoice generation upon signing up someone new. The information I already shared was seamlessly integrated, and I just provided specifics of the contracted work. Some more great features include:

  • PDF Manager: Keep that additional paperwork in your customers’ files for easy access, with the ability to annotate or capture signatures.
  • GPS Tracking: If management needs to track geographical information of an employee, Routzy will send a report with the activity of the sales person.
  • Productivity Reporting: With the reports generated from sales activity shared with the app, it’s easy to learn a sales person’s productivity level.

While Routzy is all-inclusive with some really great features, I wish they would make the interface a little sexier. I know we’re talking about sales here, but can’t the tool look a little more full of life? Black, white, and grey color schemes just remind me I’m working.

Routzy is free to download in the App Store, and you get a free 2-week trial upon signing up. After the trial, it costs $24.99 per month.

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