What Kind Of Entrepreneur Are You? [Infographic]

Entrepreneurship comes with a lot of perks and a lot of stress. While you get to enjoy the freedom of being your own boss, the lack of stability can dismantle the psyche of those unprepared for launching startup. And whether you are running a unicorn company or looking for early stage funding, an entrepreneur can take many different forms. Fortunately, they fall into about six categories so you won’t have to think too hard about it.

According to The Founder Institute, these six categories are common across all fields, practices and stages of business ownership. After studying the behaviors and characteristics of 30,000 subjects, they confirmed that an entrepreneur can be a: Hustler, an Innovator, a Prodigy, a Visionary, a Machine or a Strategist.

If you were wondering, a Hustler is an ambitious go-getter. An Innovator is a forward-thinking builder. A Prodigy is a charismatic intellectual. A Visionary is an enthusiastic innovator. A Machine is an efficient problem-solver. And a Strategist is a creative thinker. While these entrepreneurs have the ability to get the job done on their own, these unique skills contributed to their success in a variety of different ways.

If you are wondering what type of people fall into these categories, the infographic below shows an impressive selection of household names that exemplify these traits in their everyday lives. From Elon Musk’s prodigious approach to space and automobile travel to Oprah’s visionary approach to entertainment, these entrepreneurs change the way the world works in their own special way.

If you are an entrepreneur that is looking to get their start in the startup realm, finding your voice can go a long way. If you are extroverted, creative and agreeable, the last thing you want to do is wall yourself off in a private office. Conversely, if you work better alone and prefer your own ideas, a daily group meeting might not be the best move in your work space. Find what works for you and lean into it.

If you are having trouble figuring out what kind of entrepreneur you are, take a look at this infographic from The Founder Institute and get started on your career today.


Photo: Flickr / JD Lasica

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