SkinnyScoop Helps Women Help Each Other

November 19, 2012

11:34 am

Skinny Scoop, the site where women can recommend things to other women, launched publicly today.

SkinnyScoop has built a community of hundreds of thousands of women who turn to each other for suggestions on apps and books, child care, beauty products, and more. In the process, woman can become influencers within their field and build an online reputation.

“Everyone really does have some kind of expertise and something to share. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the CEO of a big company or you’re a stay-at-home mom,” says cofounder and CEO Eden Godsoe. “Women are feeling good, feeling recognized.”

Godsoe started SkinnyScoop after having her first child – and facing tons of confusing decisions. She would email her friends about what stroller to buy or what books to read, while other moms were building spreadsheets and reading long emails chains to find the right products.

SkinnyScoop has a Pinterest-y feel to it, but Godsoe thinks they serve different purposes. While people use Pinterest to dream and get inspired, SkinnyScoop is for practical and actionable advice. Plus, female bloggers can embed SkinnyScoop lists on their websites.

Here are some other ways to use SkinnyScoop:


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