SlideKlowd Makes Presentations More Interactive

On any given day, 30 million PowerPoint presentations are given. Out of these presentations, how many are awesome? Not enough, according to Justin Foster, CMO of That’s why the company developed SlideKlowd, a presentation platform.

SlideKlowd offers an app for iOS and Android devices that establishes a connection between the presenter and audience members. SlideKlowd improves the quality of presentations by focusing heavily on audience engagement and collecting key data that helps the presenter.

The presenter has a wide variety of options designed to gather audience feedback, measure knowledge retention, and create immediate behavior. For example, the presenter can ask questions to audience members and receive real-time feedback, helping him modify his presentation on the fly, based on the needs of his audience.

A common concern is that audience participation through mobile devices may lead to a loss of control of the presentation. SlideKlowd addresses this concern by allowing the presenter to determine the level of interaction for his presentation. Additionally, the presenter is notified if a user moves off the app for more than 30 seconds.

Two new features recently implemented are a confidence monitor and clicker to control the presentation from a mobile device. The confidence monitor acts as a dashboard for easy access to information collected through SlideKlowd, and the clicker gives the ability to control the presentation from a mobile device, allowing the presenter to walk around the room for a more lively discussion.

SlideKlowd believes that creating a presentation launcher that focuses on the audience, rather than on content, does a better job of creating buzz, reputation, and, ultimately, desired outcomes. Because of the dynamic nature of SlideKlowd, the company is targeting markets in enterprise, education, and events. already has an impressive list of national clients, which include Salesforce, Verizon, and Canon USA.

Ken Holsinger, CEO of, said, “We are excited about the overwhelming response we are getting from our presenters and their audiences. It is rewarding to see so many people engage with something that existed only on a whiteboard a few months ago.”

The company will be showcased at the Tech Cocktail Boise mixer on Thursday, November 8. So if you’re in town, make sure you grab tickets so you can meet the founders in person!  

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