Malcolm Hong is a writer and tech advocate with a passion for innovation. He’s connected to entrepreneurism and technology through his work managing the activities of the Idaho Technology Council, the state’s largest member-driven association that fosters the growth of Idaho’s tech ecosystem. Originally from Hawaii, Malcolm quickly realized that Idaho does a great job of growing startups, not just potatoes. Follow Malcolm on Twitter: @IDTechCou


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Performance Demand Marketing: The Pandora of Education

A successful college education is one of the quintessential American dreams, and there are great opportunities to take advantage of the booming U.S. market in post-secondary education. Performance Demand Marketing helps colleges with their mission through improving the process ...


earHero: The World’s Safest Earphones

People love being connected to their devices through earphones, but being plugged in has its disadvantages – a report this year revealed that the number of headphone-wearing pedestrians seriously injured or killed near railways or roadways has tripled within six years. ...


SlideKlowd Makes Presentations More Interactive

On any given day, 30 million PowerPoint presentations are given. Out of these presentations, how many are awesome? Not enough, according to Justin Foster, CMO of That’s why the company developed SlideKlowd, a presentation platform. SlideKlowd offers an app for iOS ...


5 Tips for Raising Capital with Crowdfunding

Capital is the lifeblood for every new tech startup, but many entrepreneurs are turning to sources other than grants, loans, or venture capitalists. Crowdfunding offers a viable alternative for entrepreneurs to raise funds by appealing to a wider audience of potential customers. ...


5 Ways to Perfect Your Finance Pitch

Early-stage financing is the lifeblood of every startup, but raising funds is a challenge for many entrepreneurs. According to Rick Ritter, the CEO of IdahoTechConnect, an articulate finance pitch can be the difference between receiving $10,000 or $1,000,000 in funding. ...