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When you have a project that involves physical presence in multiple locations and a tight deadline, you can start by asking yourself this: are you sure you want to do this? If the answer is yes, you can take into account the options: make arrangements for obtaining the proper equipment, set up travel plans, and finally make some cost calculations. The result will be far less budget- and time-friendly than what sites like Upwork, the recently rebranded Elance-oDesk site, or SmartShoot provide. Well, you may not feel the need for that if your name starts with Tim and ends with Cook and you happen to run a company named after a very popular fruit.

For those unaware, Apple made an incredible tribute video celebrating the 30th birthday of the Mac last year: it was shot in one day, starting in Melbourne, Australia, and involved various places from across the globe.

You may not have the army of photographer and cinematographer employees Apple has, so such projects may be harder for you, but fortunately you have other options. For example, you can benefit from the freelance market.

You can choose either Upwork, where you’ll find freelance professionals from across the globe in all the areas you can think of, or you can narrow your search by turning to services that focus on certain industries.

SmartShoot, for example, is a site focusing specifically on photography and video. If you need rated and reviewed professional photographers (and filmmakers) from around the world, SmartShoot is one of the options you definitely need to consider.

That’s exactly what the guys behind the popular Lithium Network Conference did to get their project done in time without breaking the bank.

When Lithium was preparing to host its Lithium Network Conference (LiNC), it was working with an ambitious theme: “Heroes.” Lithium wanted to celebrate their customers, the Heroes, by telling unique stories about their experience with the Lithium Platform and its impact on their business.

To bring the Heroes and their stories to life at the LiNC conference, the Lithium team wanted high quality, authentic photographs of their customers, many of whom were located around the world.

SmartShoot helped Lithium with two distinct challenges – scheduling twenty shoots and photography resources in various countries.

Leveraging both the SmartShoot photographer community and the SmartShoot client-services team, Lithium was able to execute a global project and present high-quality large-format photos of various customers allowing the customers and Lithium to tell their story about how Lithium’s online solutions improved businesses internationally.

So, in case you are a freelance professional photographer looking for new challenges and extra income, you may want to create an account on SmartShoot. The same goes for project managers who want to get the job done.

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