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Top 10 Software Used for Application Development

Ever since the revolution in technology, software and applications have a become an integral part of everyone’s life. In fact applications and software rule the tech-world. Various enterprise software startups and efficient business collaborations are the dependents of the applications. In order to develop such beneficial applications, various computer software come into play. The following lists the top ten software used for application development.

This is considered one of the most superior computer software that enables to develop application that are compatible with Android/iOS/Windows platforms. This software is based on cloud and allows to make use of its integrated components. Also, it has Apache Cordova framework. It eliminates lots of download work and gives a lot of storage space as it is completely based on cloud.One can develop a customized UI making use of the visual editor. Depending on the application that is being developed, one can add the necessary plugins from the software.f

Mobile Roadie

This computer software allows almost anyone to develop an app in iOS or Android platform. It has very cool features like RSS’s automatic import , News keywords of Google and Twitter, compatibility with all media types and most importantly the fan wall refreshing automatically thus enabling the users to chat with another in real time. At any point of app development, one can see the preview of the app by using the Mobile Roadie Connect app.The contents of the application can be reviewed and evaluated during the submission process. This software allows to pull data of different formats like HTML,PHP,XML,CSV and JSON.


This computer software is developed in such a way that, it is suited for events and brochure, employee and clients. With two varying approaches, one can make use of the online toolkit where either the training or the software itself help in the development of the application and add the required content. The user can customize the app with his own branding and can enable security with usernames and passwords. The, the app can be launched and the integrated directory of this software allows to login with the prevailing credentials.


There are many templates with varying icons and fonts initially a user is provided with 9 templates to start with. There are about 350 icons and 600 fonts. One can even avail a web mobile version for free for Android and iPhone Apps.Here, the application can be accessed through the browser. Spontaneous feedbacks can be got the moment one adjusts the parameters in the application. The customers’ active participation can be encouraged by allowing them to share and submit reports, pictures and videos.


This software allows people with no programming knowledge to develop apps for iOS, Android and Windows which can later be shared in the respective play stores. This eliminates all the downloads and uploads and is just simple drag and drop job.Once the development is done, a hybrid app based on HTML-5 that is compatible with all the platforms (inclusive of blackberry)is received by the user. The contiguous revisions can be applied in reality that allows to send push notifications, GPS‘s location tracking and many more.


In order to provide different features, the drag and drop facility is used that allows many building blocks to be combined. Thus, media files can be added to the application. The application can be associated to online stores and social networking sites using the building blocks.The app can be tested in the computer and once the testing is completed successfully, it can be published.


As the name suggests, this computer software allows to develop games for Android, iOS, OSX and other operating systems. A person can just drag and drop blocks and develop games without having any kind of technical knowledge.Maximum part of the game is developed in the actor and scene editor where the user customizes the game scene and the actors accordingly. GameSalad has been associated with Amazon and thus allows access to development choices.

Bizness Apps

Bizness Apps is used to develop mobile applications that is compatible with many operating systems.For software start-ups it is a cake walk as it considerably reduces the work load and is efficient.It is rich in features and thus, the developer has lot of choices in the application development. The features include dynamic content, push notifications , shopping cart,third party integrations and many more. Since it is a very simple platform, one can develop an application in no time. Updates can be done momentarily without involving any tedious process.


This computer software even allows a lay man with almost no programming skills to develop an app. It is very simple and thus can be used by anyone. It was recently taken by another platform named “Infinite Monkeys” which is also considered a great platform. With this platform, one can develop any number of apps with salient features like instantons updates, push notifications, sending media files, chat rooms, shopping carts and many more. The app’s UI can be customised and previewed then and there without much difficulty. This software is best suited for enterprise software start-ups as not many skilled workers are required for the app development.


This computer software allows the user to develop an app and manage it completely. It provides strong engagement tools, content management, and gives an optimized solution for most of the user’s requirements. Thus, this software is much suited for efficient business collaborations as it completely manages and maintains the content. Every app can be integrated with many sites like Foursquare, WordPress, Twitter, SoundCloud and more. The multi-monetization capability allows to develop an e-commerce experience instantly and provide features like deals, coupons and subscriptions. Once developed, the app can be published in the Online stores and update it when required in real time.

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