Over-Counter Device Measuring Lung Capacity Gets FDA Clearance

June 30, 2016

5:00 pm

The medical field is constantly walking a line between effective and convenient. Typically, when medication and health tools are more effective, they’re given prescription requirements so that doctors must sign off on giving them to patients. Conversely, the less effective a product is, the more available to the public they become. Fortunately, one company just got FDA approval for an over-the-counter product that will make patients with asthma jump for joy.

Wing, the flagship product of Sparo Labs, can measure your lung capacity with a simple handheld device that attaches right to your smartphone. It can detect early signs of asthma flareups, track medications and triggers, and provide detailed information for doctors to better recommend treatment plans for patients of all ages.

“Our team knows that people will be counting on Wing to help them control their asthma, and providers will be counting on Wing to make smarter decisions for each of their patients—so providing medical-grade data that both patients and providers can trust is essential,” said Andrew Brimer, co-founder of Sparo Labs in a statement.


The FDA clearance means a lot to Sparo Labs and the patients that will take advantage of this revolutionary technology. Not only does it mean that they can begin selling this product to parties that need it more than anyone else, it also means that Sparo Labs has passed the highest regulatory review in the world, and that’s good for business as well as health. They passed rigorous tests, like full performance, biocompatibility, electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility, software verification, and mechanical aging, in addition to thorough product documentation.

While regulations go a long way in establishing a product as safe and sound, Sparo Labs is interested in more than just profits. They are truly committed to making medical equipment more available to patients around the world. And this certification is a step in the right direction.

“We want to change how people live with asthma – instead of having to wait until you’re struggling to breathe, we want people to be able to step in even before they might be feeling symptoms. To proactively manage a complex, chronic condition like asthma, it starts with data that you trust and are confident acting on,” said Abby Cohen, another co-founder of Sparo Labs in the same statement.

Photos: Sparo Labs


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