Should You Start Adapting Your Content for 4K

It is predicted that within the next 4 years, the 4K market is going to grow exponentially. As a result, it behooves smart web designers and content creators to begin adapting as soon as possible. So, what exactly is 4K? It is a number that represents the approximate number of pixels that are used when 4K content is broadcast onto televisions, smartphones, tablets, desktops, and other screens. Because this number is higher than what is currently standard, the result is that images are clearer and more realistic.

4K Is No Longer the Future

Today, companies are manufacturing televisions that are enabled for 8K technology. In addition to this, Apple’s iMac is now ready for 5K. Because of this, 4K no longer looks as if it is something up and coming. The demand for it already exists and is going to continue to grow. To put it even more succinctly, if you don’t begin adapting your video marketing content for 4K, you will soon find yourself at the mercy of your competitors. In fact, if the rallying cry of content marketers in the past few years was ‘Get mobile friendly!’, it will soon become ‘Adapt to 4k!’.

You Have Nothing to Lose in Being 4K Ready And Everything to Gain

Videos that are shot in 4K will display perfectly fine on devices that are not advanced enough to take advantage of 4K technology. There is no degradation of image quality. People watching your videos will simply see them in the resolution that matches their devices capabilities. However, by making your marketing videos in 4K, you will be providing the increasing number of people who have 4K ready devices with a great visual experience. As more people purchase devices that can stream 4K content, you will gain more followers to enjoy your visual content.

Chances Are Your Budget Can Handle it

Not too long ago, shooting video in 4K resolution required equipment that was so expensive that only major production studios and very large corporations could even hope to afford it. This is why movie theaters have been using their own version of 4K technology for quite some time. Today, things have changed. There are now smartphones that are quite capable of shooting video in 4K. If you do decide to invest in a 4K camera, you can do so easily for less than 1500 dollars.

YouTube Is Now Working Towards Becoming 4K Enabled

While it isn’t the only platform for sharing video content, YouTube is certainly the most popular. It also currently wields the most power when it comes to online video streaming. The fact that YouTube is investing in this technology should be seen as a real sign that 4K is going to become mainstream technology, and that it will become mainstream quickly.

Now is the time to start adapting your video content to 4K technology. It may take a nominal financial investment and some education to accomplish this, but in the end it will be more than worth the time and resources. The higher quality visuals and better production values that will result will create a much richer viewing experience for your audience.

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