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Feeling like you need a boost of creativity as a founder, or thinking about talent growth? Is your leadership stuck in the wrong gear? Here are three articles, previously featured here on Tech Cocktail, by guest authors we think you’ll enjoy. If you’ve recently made a breakthrough in product, growth, or thought process, why don’t you share it? Your voice in our community is appreciated. Sign up to be a guest writer and share those brilliant thoughts with us.


How To Pick The Brain of a Successful Tech Entrepreneur

Guest author Greg Fisher, founder of Berkeley Sourcing Group, provides a handful of good questions to ask when you get the chance to chat with a successful tech entrepreneur. It’s fascinating to learn the various methods employed by successful founders to actually identify a market after coming up with an idea. Get some free expertise in this area, because this is an oft-reported mistake made by pivoting founders: spending too much time building a product for a great idea, when there was no market fit. How did these successful entrepreneurs market their product? This is another lesson to be learned: some very successful brands have launched so-so products but realized magnificent traction because of great marketing.

My takeaway: Fellow founders and entrepreneurs are all around you. You never know who will be the next Zuck, so take the opportunity to collaborate with others whenever you can.


Leadership is Situational, Integrity is Not

Guest author Neil Kane, founder and president of Illinois Partners, shares some surprising takeaways from a situational leadership workshop that he attended. The best leaders adjust their styles to suit the situation and the capabilities of their team. Maybe you’re proud of the unique characteristics that make you, you. But do these characteristics transfer into the leadership style that will actually bring your startup, and its early team, the growth and success you’ve projected?

My takeaway: As you grow your startup, it pays to pay attention to whether you are leading the development of your idea while also being a true leader to your early team.


4 Ways You Can Turn Your Startup’s Employees Into Recruiters

Guest author Heather Huhman, founder and president of Come Recommended, wants to help you grow your startup by creating recruiters out of your employees. Referral-based hiring is faster, cheaper, and easier than other methods. When you create, and exhibit, the company culture that you envisioned, your employees will attract others who fit. Make sure your employees actually know you’re looking to hire.

My takeaway: When you’re transparent with your employees on your needs for growth, they will be your best networkers and recruiters.

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