28 Dogs That Secretly Power Startups

In today’s world, office environments come in many different shapes and sizes, with benefits both typical and out of the norm. There is also a growing trend, especially for startups, to expand their teams with four-legged companions. From reducing stress to creating a more welcoming atmosphere, our lovable pooches are no longer shunned and exiled to our homes, but are a welcome addition in the workplace.

  • Office Pet Eegor spends his day breaking in pillows and comfy chairs at Grow, a digital agency in Norfolk, Virginia doing innovative work for pioneering brands.
  • Ronak is a four-year-old Chocolate Lab, owned by CallFire’s President/Co-Founder, Komnieve Singh. Ronak has the nickname of “Sad Dog Ronak,” because he has the remarkable ability to appear forlorn and chagrined most of the time. He spends a great deal of the day asleep, but he does perk up around lunchtime when he prowls around the office and goes trashcan diving. His primary daily exercise consists of bounding up and down the stairs between the second and third floors every time someone opens the door. Ronak is a Hindi word meaning “enlightenment.”
  • Sam is a 11 year old Shar Pei, which was rescued from shelter. He has been with CupoNation since 1.5 years ago, sleeps in their IT department, loves to investigate all kinds of trash in their office and is snoring and sometimes farting during meetings.
  • Apollo is an 8-year-old Pomeranian who comes to work every day with his owner Polina Raygorodskaya, co-founder and CEO of Wanderu. Wanderu is the leading bus and train travel search platform in North America. Apollo is an inseparable part of the team and always attends all company outings and field trips.
  • Austin is a Westiepoo rescue that just made his debut on Shark Tank with his colleague, pet parent and Petnostics Founder Stephen Chen.
  • Boo the French Bulldog is the office dog at AppInstitute, she enjoys giving licks and loves tummy tickles.
  • Roamer is a 7 month old office monster who scares off all delivery guys with his ear piecing howl.
  • Although small, Honeybadger exudes a mighty presence. Currently the chief fur officer in Tech.co’s Las Vegas office.
  • HelpGetSponsors.com is a startup based in Raleigh, NC that helps directors of small to medium sized events price, sell, and manage their sponsorship packages efficiently through easy-to-use software.
  • Iggy, a 4-year-old French bulldog, is a Monday through Friday fixture at HONK’s headquarters in Los Angeles, where he keeps the team literally* on their toes as they change the roadside assistance industry.
  • Maggie is an 18-month-old mini Goldendoodle.
  • Our “marketing intern” Bisou hangs out at our office all the time in downtown Fargo, North Dakota. He has his own following (and Twitter/Instagram) and greets our customers when they stop in for visits. He is especially good at brightening the mood when someone is having a bad day or taking himself too seriously.
  • Chester, the one-eyed pug – He has an eye for design.
  • Buddy is the resident pooch over at StockPot photos. Here is his story as told by their founder Ophelia:
  • Chaplin is a 3-year old lab mix and leads the Influenster dog pack as the office mascot. He is the first one at every meeting! He is usually seen squeezing into a space way too small for him on the couch.
  • KitNipBox is a subscription box service that delivers a box of treats and goodies for cats every month.
  • Loki the Chinese Crested Dog and CEO of Rockin’ Dawgs LLC, running the front office at the facility.
  • Louky, the Megaventory Cocker Spaniel, with her calm and friendly demeanor lifts their spirits up and brightens up Megaventory’s offices.
  • Curve was created because their clients had a real need for a cross-organizational app intelligence solution.
  • Ralphie is a little chihuahua and he comes into the office daily! Ralphie is their CCO, Chief Cuteness Overload. He spends his day shaking everyone’s hands and making sure they smile!
  • Shiner, 1.5 yr-old liver-spotted Dalmatian – follow him on Instagram @ShinerTheDalmatian
  • Speak Wines is a new wine company that features artfully designed labels on delicious bottles of wine.
  • Tater Tot (nicknamed Tater) is a 7 years old Boston Terrier mix with a tail. Tater is an amazing box recycler! He can destroy a box 5 times his size with speed and precision.
  • Lucky is the trusted CBANC mascot and stink bomb extraordinaire. He’s passionate about security—he hates brown hats and kaki pants, typically worn by his sworn enemy, the UPS man. Ironically, he’s never won anything. His team claims he once round-housed a shark and is fluent in German. He may be immovable when sitting but enjoys drooling, candle lit dinners and long walks on Lady Bird Lake trail. Above all, he’s part of the coolest startup team in Austin, which makes him pretty popular with the lady dogs in town.
  • Sky is the beloved Keyport mascot, and VP of Morale (and toilet paper shredding), is a fixture in the office. She heads up their onsite security team, helps vets prospective employees (being a dog lover isn’t a requirement but certainly helps…), and is always reaching out to their customers to thank them for their patronage.
  • Kona – Receptionist and part-time minion.
  • At Glide, an Israeli video messaging startup based in Jerusalem, they believe that a happy, well-behaved dog lowers stress and brings love. This is true both at home and in the workplace.
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