Startup Spotlight: Public Speaking, Networking, and Affordable Attorneys

If you are in the market for a new job, we might have some companies you want to check out. Each week, TechCo features tech startups that can help streamline your daily life. This week in Startup Spotlight, we found startups that help build out one’s network, assist founders needing legal help on their budget, enable recruiters to find you a new job, and make you an amazing public speaker.

GridLync (Princeton, NJ)

If you’re a startup, like this one, looking for the best resources to help build your company could take hours to days searching online. Gridlync is a B2B platform that helps connect founders with service providers in a variety of verticals to help businesses move forward. Through the Gridlync network you can connect with an extensive network of organizations, accelerators, investors, developers, public relation specialists, and more professionals, in your specific region.

Within the platform the search feature lets founders input name, industry, location and the type of service they need. From there they can build a personalized network and connect with providers. On the “trending” page, founders can see what providers have been liked and narrow down their search time. On the provider side, they can easily connect with startups and reduce cold calling time. The company was founded by ambitious high school students who met through Model United Nations. They have brought on over 50 members from the Tri-State, Philadephia, Boston and Silicon Valley area, and attracted notable members including  Coursenova, Sutori, and Zaahah.

Court Buddy (San Francisco, CA)

legal industry startups

When it’s time to build out partnership or employee contracts, or if your company is unfortunately in a dispute, you’re going to need an attorney. Court Buddy is a legal tech platform that instantly matches people with vetted solo attorneys based on the client’s budget. This a-la-carte legal service lets you pick what service you need and set a flat rate with an attorney. The company’s mission is to not only help people obtain legal representation, but to provide solo practitioners and attorneys with a platform to grow their business. This year, Kristina Jones cofounder of Court Buddy received an investment from 500 Startups. With two years, the company has matched over 10,000 consumers and small businesses with attorneys across the country.

ENGAGE Talent (Charleston, SC)

ENGAGE Talent enables recruiters to identify talent pools, targeting and building a pipeline of passive candidates who are more likely to engage in a job change discussion. The company says they are on a journey to solve a relatively difficult data problem: predicting people’s job security based on publicly available information about them, their companies, and industries. The platform aggregates data from over 30,000 public and private sources, tracks 6 million companies, 100 million professionals, and processes over 5 million data points each day. What they are ultimately trying to do within their algorithms is to connect people who are ready to look for new jobs with people who can offer a new opportunity.

Orai (Philadelphia, PA)

Public speaking or pitching your product to a room full of investors can be uncomfortable to terrifying for some. Regardless of how much you practice, you won’t know how many “um,” “uh,” or “so” filler words you might deliver during your talk. To help create better public speakers, Orai a personalized speech coaching app can assist. Orai uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to analyze your body language-vocal energy, speech clarity, fillers, tone, pace-and offer instant insights on your speech so that you can practice daily and become an effective communicator. When you practice your speech/pitch with Orai, it will transcribe and analyze the conversation in order to provide the most valuable, actionable, and data-driven feedback to your or your team.

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