StatSims: Algorithm predictions for football that can help turn your toss-up bets into accurate wins

Football season NEVER ends for true fans. One season ends, and predictions for the next season begins. StatSims will help keep you on your toes! From one season to another, StatSims brings a whole new level of accuracy to your predictions–helping you get more points with your fantasy team, and possibly, finally netting you a win for that coveted office game pool. When’s the last time you had access to a professional football simulation engine? Now you do, with StatSims.

Tech Cocktail: What is StatSims?

StatSims: StatSims (@statsims) is the first community-driven NFL football prediction site. There are several other game forecasters, but what makes StatSims a wholly unique experience is that we are opening up our 29-year-old SimEngine™ (which is already as accurate as the number one company in the space) to the crowd. This is a large plus because no single analyst can consistently be as accurate as a crowd, we can provide a whole new level of predictions: help fantasy players get the most points from their fantasy team, help fans win their office pools, and even win against the spread. Another benefit? StatSims users create valuable content for media outlets.

Tech Cocktail: What problem does StatSims solve?

StatSims: We help Fantasy Football players win their leagues with better picks and information. We help football fans be the expert among their friends and help them win their office pools. We give sports bettors the information to make the best picks against the spread.

Tech Cocktail: Who are the founders of StatSims?

Steve Olson – Steve comes from an entrepreneurial family and is an NFL historian. He has unlocked the secret factors that determine a pro football team’s success, essentially creating ‘Sabermetrics’ for football. Using a 29-year-old, highly accurate SimEngine™, Steve has been accurately forecasting football for many years.

DeveloperTown – Technical co-founder and StatSims partner. DeveloperTown has an incredible team of developers and has what it takes to get a product to the market faster, and on a stronger technology foundation.

Tech Cocktail: Please list three competitors to StatSims and how your product differs from them.

Accuscore: Number one in the space. We provide more game information as well as utilizing the power of the crowd. We cater to more audiences than gamblers.

Numberfire: Our predictions are more accurate and we will utilize the power of the crowd.

PredictionMachine: Our site is cleaner, easier to read and understand. We serve more audiences (fantasy players and fans), plus our predictions will utilize the power of the crowd to be more accurate.

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