Suggestic Is an Augmented Reality App Designed to Keep You on Your Diet

February 15, 2017

2:20 pm

We’re two months into the new  year, and I think we all need to admit something: sticking to diets is hard.  By now, you’ve likely succumb to the temptation of french fries, brownies, and tacos on more than one occasion, condemning your new year’s resolution to being nothing more than a tawdry fad. How are you supposed to remain chaste in the face of fast food, desserts, and late night treats when they are literally on every corner?

The problem is that dieting is more than just choosing to lose weight. Eating healthy takes commitment, self control, and a breadth of knowledge on what kind of foods the grocery stores and restaurants in your area have on their shelves and plates. Unfortunately, that kind of information is impossible to find and even harder to remember. Fortunately, one app is making it easy with some of the most impressive tech you’ve ever seen in the health sector.

Suggestic is a free, fully-automated nutrition coach, powered by artificial intelligence, that helps users stick to their diet. It offers local restaurant menu item recommendations, personalizes grocery lists, and helps with meal suggestions, recipes, and snack options. With this real-world assistance, this app will transform the way people stay healthy on a daily basis.

“We fail not because we lack motivation,” said Victor Chapela, CEO and cofounder of Suggestic, at a conference in Cleveland. “We fail because diets are hard to understand and even harder to follow.”

Perhaps the most interesting and helpful aspect of this app’s technology is the augmented reality feature. In the click of a button, you can have a thoroughly laid out plan geared towards helping you decide what to eat at a local restaurant. No more guessing, no more worrying, no more bothering restaurant employees about what kind of oil they use in their french fries.

This app will highlight the items you can eat in green, while dissuading you from trying something that’s not in line with your diet. And with 500,000 establishments in their database, you’ll have a hard time finding a restaurant where this app doesn’t work.

Sticking to a diet is nearly impossible. As we’ve all tried to get healthy at one point in our life, this app could be a serious game changer. It’ll be like having a personal nutritionist in your pocket that knows every inch of the menu at your top 500,000 favorite restaurants. You’ll finally be able to confidently say, “no thanks, I’ll have the salad,” without wondering whether or not it comes with bleu cheese dressing. And that is all the world needs out of a diet app.

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