Surprising Productivity Statistics and Facts to Know

We all would like more time in our lives to do the things we love and complete more of the things we might not love as much but help pay the bills. Whether it is the prospect of spending less time in the office or getting more done in a busy workday, Google reports more than 27,000 searches that include the word “Productivity” each month. We are all hungry for the benefits of better productivity, the question is, how do we get there.

Productivity in the US Decreased in the Last Quarter of 2014

We live in a society that values consumption. New cars, fashionable clothes, big homes and boats to enjoy out on the lake are just some of the things we buy every year. The funny part is that many of these items are purchased to impress people we do not like, with things we would not have bought for ourselves without the benefit of the external appearance of success that we gain.

So if consumption drives the world, why would we become less productive? I am not talking about being sluggish at work due to a case of the Monday blues. I am referring to the fact that at the end of 2014, the United States massively dropped in productivity levels for three consecutive months! Tim Worstall, a contributor for Forbes, notes that this loss of productivity is a big part of what’s driving manufacturing overseas.

Other countries are experiencing productivity gains while we suffer through a slowdown that prevents us from creating a competitive environment for businesses to operate. Is it any wonder that the iPhone you hold in your hand is made in China? Hint: They’ve enjoyed a staggering 8 percent increase in productivity over significant periods of time!

Multitasking Is a Bad Idea

Life hackers around the world pride themselves on being able to juggle multiple tasks and supposedly get things done faster. Have you ever thought about the quality of the work completed by a multitasker versus a focused, dedicated individual? Sure, the quantity might be there, but what about quality?

The American Psychological Association reports that multitasking increases the time a task takes while decreasing the overall quality achieved. Not to mention mental state! When you’re stressed, it directly impacts the quality and speed of your work. Don’t stress yourself out by trying to accomplish more than you can comfortably take on.

Exercise Boosts Productivity at Work

If you want to be as productive as possible, take a break and get out of the office. Exercising in between tasks at work is one of the best ways to boost the amount of things you can accomplish. There is exactly 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4.1 seconds in the day. Things like caffeine may temporarily give you a boost, but nothing beats the mental sharpness you’ll enjoy after a brisk walk.

A Feeling of Security Boosts Production

When you are stressed out, your work suffers. You become mentally scattered, trying to think about a variety of problems at the same time. What’s worse, if you feel like your boss is monitoring everything you’re doing on your device, you become increasingly paranoid. What will my supervisor think if they see how much time I spend on Facebook and Instagram? Thankfully there are VPN services that can hide your internet activity from nosy individuals and organizations.

Read our review of Hola VPN

Seriously think about investing in a more secure, private infrastructure to put your mind at ease and boost productivity!

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