5 Tech Jobs Companies Will Need to Fill

With the insanely fast speed of technological development and new startups popping up every day, it is difficult to keep track of all the changes in the job market. Many jobs that were once at the top of the recruiting list will either be obsolete, redundant or require a new skill set. If you’re in the market for a new position and looking at what jobs will still be on the books for the next few years, this list will give you insight and the skills you need to attract companies.

Information Security Analyst

Information has never had such high value as it does today. If the information security program is not in place on all the levels of the process, a business could face some serious losses and open themselves up for breaches. Everyone from a little startup to a major multinational company will need a qualified security analyst to ensure the smooth flow of processes.

What to learn: security programs and protocols, network and information security

Tech Expert in Robotics

Robots no longer live only in an imagination of science-fiction authors. We will continue to have robotics impacting major industries such as healthcare, customer service, etc. in the future. You have a great opportunity to become one of those pioneers who have the necessary skills and knowledge in robotics and artificial intelligence if you start enhancing your skills today.

What to learn: embedded systems, mechanics, algorithms theory, programming

Apps Specialist

We don’t know if there will still be mobile phones in the future or they will be replaced by tiny chips but the phenomenon of apps will not disappear. Every business that wants to gain more clients and engage with them on the most likely of devices may look to develop a good app.

What to learn: mobile project specifics, mobile app developer, engineer, UX, UI

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Wearable Devices Engineer

We’ve already seen the adoption of wearables for fitness, health and gaming. Other uses for wearables in the future could be for training new employees, improving the customer service techniques, and more. We don’t fully know the extent of this trend, but it will be good to have skills sets relevant for future employment.

What to learn: engineering, programming, industrial design

Visionary Marketer

You might say that a marketing expert has nothing to do with tech career choice and will be wrong. There is no way your startup will be successful if you don’t have the basic knowledge about the importance of a target audience definition and storytelling. Every tech savvy should know how to market their products. You must analyze your prospective customers and tell them a story they’ll respond to with their dollars. Whether you like it or not, the companies will prefer the candidates who understand the marketing principles over those who don’t.

What to learn: business skills and analytical skills, marketing, negotiation skills, storytelling, content development

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