4 Devices That Will Help You Sleep Better Every Night

As study after study has shown, your favorite screens are making it difficult to fall asleep. Whether it’s blue light emissions or mental overstimulation, your phones, computers, and tablets are keeping you up at night. While it’s true that some technology can make it more difficult to fall asleep, there are a number of devices that can be used to help you sleep better, and even feel more rested.

Keep reading to learn about the best gadgets and products today that use science and technology to give you a better night’s rest:

Hi-Tech Alarm Clocks

Most people already use their phones as alarm clocks, so this is the perfect place to start. The old clock-radio style wake-up isn’t your only option anymore, and now there are technologically advanced units available to help you fall asleep and wake up peacefully.

The Sense is one such device, acting both as a white noise machine before bed, and as a gentle reminder to wake in the morning. Clip this tiny alarm clock to your pillow, and it will monitor your habits remotely. It also monitors the room environment, and determines the best time to wake you based on what level of sleep you’re in and what time you set it.

Smart Mattresses

Trying to improve on mattresses may seem like trying to reinvent the wheel, but science has come a long way from the antiquated techniques of the past. Sleep experts agree that everyone should make sleep a top priority for overall health, and that all starts with the right mattress.

The Sleep Number IT Bed is a perfect example of cutting-edge technology used to aid your sleep routine. The firmness and comfort is adjustable on either side of the bed, and this mattress will also monitor your sleep, all the way down to your heart rate and breathing patterns. In the morning, you’ll get a full review of your sleep quality, as well as helpful suggestions on how to improve based on your goals.

Already have the perfect mattress? No problem. The Eight mattress cover will fit your existing mattress while providing you with all the sleep stats you could desire. The Eight mattress cover even connects with your other fitness devices for comprehensive reports regarding your health.

Low Blue Lights

Low-blue lights omit an amber color that won’t trick our brains into thinking it’s still day-time. Using low-blue lights can serve to make your night a lot more manageable.

Low-blue lights are often available as night lights, allowing you to fall back asleep quicker if you wake up during the night. Low-blue light apps are also available for phones and tablets, so you don’t have to kick all the electronics out of the room.

Sleep Trackers

If you’re not comfortable turning your bed or alarm clock into your sleep tracker, there are plenty of other options. Most devices connect with apps on your smartphone or tablet to display detailed analysis of your sleep quality.

The Beddit is a popular device for those who dislike wearables. This thin sensor strip is laid underneath your sheet and can monitor such information as how long it takes you to fall asleep, how much you snore, how well you breathe, and more.


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