Tickets. Simple. Five and Quarter. Flat.

My local crew of San Diego friends are some pretty great people to go to live music shows with, and one thing we all do often is head out to the smaller, local venues during the week to catch a good show. It’s fun, no doubt, and only made better by typically cheap ticket prices.

We’ll all bite the bullet on the service charges because we love music, but that doesn’t make extra fees any more fun to deal with. It has this macabre way of killing the buzz a little bit knowing that your $7.00 ticket really cost $10 and some change: hey, that’s the price of a beer most places.

Ticketleap knows exactly what I’m talking about here. They can relate because they try to move a lot of these cheaper tickets for smaller, community events and some people aren’t as forgiving with service fees.

So, they fixed the problem. When you buy a ticket on the platform that’s $5 or cheaper, you only pay a quarter for service fees. And, yes, that also includes the price of credit card processing.

They’ve always tried to stand out from the competition with agile and innovative thinking over at Ticketleap, and this new $0.25 fee is only the most recent in a long line of moves.

In fact, Ticketleap created the personalized Selfie Ticket, which admits event attendees via selfies instead of the typical QR code (how boring, those are). These various innovations have yielded $350 million in ticket sales over the last 8 years, one third of that amount coming in the last year alone.

According to the Ticketleap team this is all in an effort to shake up the industry’s annoying model of visible ticket fees. Plus it’s a win-win for event organizers and attendees alike.

“These days, nearly all events sell tickets online, with one glaring exception: low priced events still mostly rely on cash at the door,” says Tim Raybould, CEO of Ticketleap. “It’s easy to see why: ticketing fees can be almost as much as the ticket itself, and that’s not fun for anyone. Ticketleap’s flat fee changes the game. Now, it makes sense to sell tickets for a $5 event online. We believe that $5 comedy night should cost $5, not $6.27.”

Amen, brother, I couldn’t agree with you more.

Image Credit: Courtesy of Ticketleap


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