Top Five Apps to Check out This Weekend: Sourcerer, AWE, The Walking Dead, and More

I love every second spent in the company of friends and family, but you know, there are times when you need to focus on yourself for a few minutes. That’s when games and creative apps come into the picture. So, without further ado, here is my recipe for this week.


Sometimes you need light guidance to find your way in or out, and Sourcerer by Illuminapps could help with that. It’s an innovative app that presents a beautiful, inlaid gold device – similar to an astrolabe – with three primary dials that allow users to dial into their inner wisdom. The Lite version is free on the App Store [download link], but for an ad-free version you’ll need to upgrade.


AWE – A Word Everyday

Developed by a father-and-daughter team, AWE – A Word Everyday is a very simple and creative app that gives users a single word every day with the aim of enhancing their reflection, synchronicity, and creativity. It’s like meditation. The app provides insights and music for every word and allows you to comment so you can share your thoughts about the given word, alongside the usual sharing features. Download AWE from the App Store for free.


Heroes Reborn: Enigma

This game is the first of two games based on the Heroes Reborn TV-series. It’s a first-person action puzzle game starring Dahlia. You’ll need to solve more than 30 levels using various powers such as telekinesis and time shifting. If you like puzzle games, this could be for you. Heroes Reborn: Enigma costs $4.99 and is available from the App Store and Google Play.


The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land

Action is the keyword of the The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land app. It’s an action-packed RPG game where you’ll join Daryl Dixon in the fight against the flesh-hungry walkers. You’ll fight through hordes of walkers in tactical turn-based combat, train your survivor group and upgrade weapons, and much more. The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land is available as a free download from the App Store.

Walking Dead-app


This app is particularly interesting. We already have tons of weather apps – I have at least five apps on my iPhone. Some are accurate, some not. Sunshine promises to deliver greater accuracy than ever before. What I like about this app is that it makes you an active part of your local weather network using the sensors in your phone to provide you with real-time weather updates. Also, it uses your input to validate and improve the accuracy of the forecast. Sunshine is available for free from the App Store.



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