Top YouTube MCNs Yoola and UUUM Partner to Develop New Productions

YouTube is the world’s undisputed video network. It’s present in over 61 countries and is visited by 1 billion users every month, with an average of 6 billion hours broadcasted monthly. About 100 hours of video are uploaded to the platform every minute, and 1 million channels actually managed to receive some payment for the ads placed on their videos.

Multi-Channel Networks

It’s no surprise that some businesses are interested in YouTube. A few of them are so interested that they create Multi-Channel Networks (MCNs) – affiliated third party service providers, connected and providing services to multiple YouTube channels.

While these MCNs are not supported by YouTube or Google, some of them actually hold YouTube certifications, meaning they can be checked on YouTube’s Creator Services Directory. Being affiliated with one can bring several advantages to creators, as Autumn Asphodel explains in further detail:

Yoola, previously known as VSP Group, is one of the five largest MCNs on YouTube, and number one in Russia. With over 5 billion views each month, it occupies a leading position in the industry, and is now aiming towards original production and formats development, as well as expand its network globally.

The Yoola & UUUM Partnership

This MCN recently partnered with UUUM, the largest MCN in Japan with more than 6.5 monthly views on YouTube combined, and connections with Asia’s top YouTube channels. This partnership is part of both MCNs’ global expansion plans, also working together on brand promotions, creator collaborations, and original productions.

This kind of partnership will bring new opportunities to all the creators affiliated with Yoola, who will be able to explore international opportunities, especially in the Asian region. In addition, both Yoola and UUUM will bring top exclusive creators to their ranks, engaging their audience even further.

Investing in Original Productions

In addition to this partnership, Yoola also announced their intention to invest millions of dollars into the development of original productions. They will look to adapt content that achieved success on TV, attempting everything from finding the next big boy band on social media to broadcasting the life of Instagram influencers.

With its stance as a top YouTube MCN, Yoola has access to a vast array of talent in different locations, like Russia, the United States, and now Japan. With this, it will be easier to attract skilled creators, appeal to a greater audience, and increase Yoola’s exposure. These productions will be exclusive to YouTube, with international formats.

Eyal Baumel, CEO of Yoola, shared his excitement over this partnership, as well as his views for the future:

“We are very excited about our formats developments, and new partnership with UUUM. In partnering with them, we are bringing added value to our creators by helping them find opportunities to grow their audience and increase their revenue stream. Digital creators are the next generation of stars, and at Yoola we believe that integrating them into our new formats and productions, will be the best way to appeal to our vast audience, while at the same time helping creators maximize their exposure.”

Yoola is certified by YouTube, and creators using it have several advantages. With over 73,000 video creators in its ranks, offering unparalleled representation and tools to its creators. Yoola also provides a comprehensive support structure, offering online and offline channel promotion, direct monetization opportunities, cross platform video distribution, rights management support, anti-piracy protection, localization opportunities through subtitles, and free extensive music and sound effects library.

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