Track Your Company’s Happiness with Hppy

Whether you’re the manager at a company or a member of the team, happiness in the workplace is valued by every employee. With Hppy, employees can track their happiness at work and managers can observe their employees’ feelings.

According to Hppy, 86 percent of people excel in the workplace when they’re happy. On the other hand, employees who are unhappy are more than 11 times as likely to leave the organization. Because of Hppy, managers can pay close attention to the levels of happiness in their office and discover when an issue needs attention.

Employers can use this app to learn about their employees’ moods at work and how to increase employee engagement. Hppy prompts users to share if they had a good or bad day at the office. Afterwards, employers are able to gather this data and use it as inspiration to improve their work environment.

Hppy features a Happiness Map, where employees can track their happiness and managers can pay attention for feedback. The Happiness Map also provides users with an overview of the levels of happiness within their community. In addition, users can join a specific community or create their own. Once they are a part of the community, users can express their feelings anonymously, therefore feeling at ease to share what’s on their mind at work.

Companies that use this app will also notice some unique features. Hppy provides company pages, Happy Employee of the Month, public feedback questions, and actionable feedback workflow. Users also have control over what they share with their colleagues and who can join their community. These features will help employers transform their current employment engagement techniques into a more powerful strategy.

It’s important for employers who use this app to keep several things in mind. First, Hppy isn’t used to replace your traditional review process. It’s an application to help you monitor the moods in your office and to integrate with your current employee engagement strategies. While every team is different, Hppy provides a great way for managers to discover room for improvement and the techniques that work best to increase happiness for their employees.

If you want to begin your journey to happiness in the workplace, discover what you can do by visiting It’s free, simple to use, and available for your iPhone, Android, or Windows 8 devices. Start tracking your company’s happiness today and improve the way you meet your employees’ needs.

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