How to Train Our Workforce for the Tech Economy

According to CompTIA, a technology advocacy group founded in 1982, there were more than 6.5 million technology jobs in the United States in 2014; 38 of the 50 states in the  saw and are forecasted to continue seeing additional growth in the tech sector. If you try and look at real-time data, oftentimes information is skewed and has blips that need to be ironed out with statistical investigation. Based off more reliable information from a few years ago, it’s clear to see and confirm with current observation, that the tech industry is absolutely growing.

I think the thing that’s most surprising about the growth in the tech industry is that it’s in so many different, fragmented directions. Ten short years ago, the discussion was focused around the battles between Apple and Microsoft. Mobile evangelists were espousing the values of a secure, mobile communications network built off of the backbone that Blackberry provided.

Ten short years later, and the world is full of new technology; new companies, new visionaries and a plethora of new coding languages. As we use our devices for more and more things in our daily lives, the way that information is shared and communicated has evolved. So the question becomes, as more and more tech jobs become available, how do we train upcoming generations to hit the ground running and compete in our modern tech economy?

Bridging the Gap Between Unemployment and Tech Jobs

In a country that is still recovering from The Great Recession, new and emerging markets should be the focus of our workforce training programs. Companies need to be able to meet the demands of consumers in a fast-changing global landscape. Part of this is onboarding talented, tech-savvy employees that can join teams and envision and then code the tech of tomorrow.

For many recent college graduates and those enjoying the world of “funemployment”, this means getting a personal development plan that includes training to meet the needs of their next employer. Tired of getting bounced around from job to job? Want to move out from your parent’s basement? Get out of the house and learn how to code!

Coding Bootcamps and Online Resources

In most metropolitan areas you’ll find teams of experienced coding instructors offering courses on their areas of expertise. The beauty of attending a workshop with one of these instructors is that you’ll gain real insights into their career. Plus, you’ll be in a position to take advantage of their connections and relationships if you can prove you’re a worthy student.

The other important factor is affordability. What’s the value of an education if you have to go hundreds of thousands of dollars into debt in order to attain it? This is where learning to code online can prove remarkably valuable. If you live far away from a major city, then learning online will save you a ton of money on gas and potential lodging.

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