Trakdesk: The Gamified Way Towards Better Customer Support

Managing customer expectations is a significant chunk of the deal to keep your business afloat and striving. Around 78 percent of customers have reported to bail a transaction or avoided making a purchase because of the poor customer support experience. Yet, if you manage to meet the expectation of your customer, the probability to make a sell to them increases by 60 to 70 percent on average. In general, loyal customers are estimated to be 10 times as worth as first time purchases.

Offering impeccable customer support in the days of fast fleeing social media updates and immediate rants becomes quite a challenge, especially for small companies with limited personnel. Taking this into account, Trakdesk has developed a new way to manage customer expectations and turn your customer reps into a ninja team.

How Trakdesk Works

Trakdesk software is action-packed with multiple support features, which help you to keep the support team relatively small, yet highly efficient.  Once you setup your account, you can fully customize it the way you like and leave out the non-essential features for your company, while keeping the most important ones at one-click reach.

The app works equally great both on desktop and mobile devices, which can drastically reduce the waiting time to bare minimum.

Advanced Ticket Management System


Make the ticket management CRM look the way you need. You can create unlimited and dynamic ticket forms with customizable menus with interactive drag-and-drop feature. Add custom ticket properties e.g. ticket type, status and category to address your unique needs more specifically and add custom SLA policies for different types of users, companies, groups or support issues.

For additional efficiency you can create and assign set of canned responses for standard issues; merge tickets for similar issues with one click; bulk update tickets and more.

Reduce The Hassle With Smarter Automation

Let’s face it, offering customer outside business hours or 24/7 can be hectic for small teams. Trakdesk proposes a smart alternative to hiring a round the clock team. With the apps functionality you can set automations to perform routine actions for you e.g. send reminders to customers on pending tickets; close old ones; assign new tickets to specific agents on your team and more.

You can also set event triggers automation to reduce the overall customer support time e.g. auto send customer alerts when new replies are being added to their ticket, auto-assign new tickets to agents and so on. Or take advantage of the macros functionality to tackle repetitive tasks and similar support requests. For example, to auto-change ticket priority to high, assigned that ticket to a dedicated support group and get them notified via text.

Let Your Support Team Have Fun While Offering Better Service


One of the Trakdesk’s most attractive features is in-built gamification features, boosting your support team’s motivation and on-job performance. Your support reps can earn points and unlock specific rewards for each action made and ticket closed. Get them to perform various quests based around various customer support and retention issues and earn lucrative rewards for great performance. Support jobs should no longer equal to boring, monotone work.

Detailed Reporting and In-Built Analytics

The reporting suit at Trakdesk is pretty impressive. You can choose to track multiple metrics from individual performance to group activities. Use different filters to dig deeper into the data available and analyze it from any angle you like.

Measure your customer satisfaction with an in-built survey tool and take respective action towards offering even better experience.

Cross-channel Support Functionality

Email, text messages, Twitter or Facebook – the app offers efficient integration and functionality for any support channel you choose. Additionally you can create a detailed self service portal, along with a knowledge base to feature FAQs, offer solutions to the most common issues, thus reducing the potential load for your support ninjas.

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