Tunedly Puts the Music Production Power Back in Your Hands

If you’ve ever tried to produce a song, you know that it takes an unprecedented amount of work. Between writing the song, collaborating with musicians, and polishing the final product, producers are often burdened by weeks, if not months, of grueling labor that only occasionally comes out sounding like a high-caliber piece of music. Fortunately, one company is looking to change that.

Tunedly is an online recording studio that brings musicians together that actually know what they’re doing. By providing a digital marketplace for musicians, in addition to the high quality recording and production values, musicians are able to focus on what really matters: making beautiful music that people actually want to hear.

This kind of innovation is crucial to the music industry. While the marketing side of things has been in constant flux for years, the production process has been a stagnant hellscape of wasted time and squandered opportunity. This technology fixes that.

“The music industry has changed significantly over the last few decades, yet we still produce music professionally the same way we did 20 years ago,” said Tunedly CEO Chris Erhardt in a press release. “Tunedly is finally changing how we produce professional music, innovating the last untouched piece of the music industry. And by doing so, we make professional music production more accessible to creators who were previously not able to make music at industry standard. We’re evening out the playing field and decentralizing the industry.”

Not only does Tunedly make recording easier, it also makes communicating with all your contributing musicians as simple as possible. By providing live chat and video in the program, you’ll be able to make sure everyone is on the same page for every single note. Tunedly’s new marketplace combines features from platforms like Skype, Dropbox and Slack, providing an optimized experience for music collaboration.

If this kind of improvement can be made in the music production industry, it’s only a matter of time before other apps, programs, and companies start making other elements of production easier. The key is integration. When Tunedly made Skype, Dropbox, and Slack part of their system, they opened the door to a wide range of possibilities. Hopefully other companies take notice so everything can be this easy in the future.

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