Now You Can Tweet And Run With Visioweb by Technogym

We are living in the connected era as people, cars, homes and even the refrigerator is getting connected to the Web in some way. So it was only a matter of time until we saw this trend take to the gym. Technogym is a company that has created Visioweb to offer the first treadmill connected to the Web. With Visioweb you can perform your regular workouts on the treadmill, but now you can surf the web, use Facebook, Twitter, check email and even read Tech Cocktail.

In addition to Internet accessibility, the Visioweb offers a 19 inch screen and other exclusive functions featured for the first time ever on a treadmill machine, such as:

  • an iPod/iPhone connection for using  iPod audio and video features directly on the screen
  • a USB port for viewing/listening to multimedia plugs-in like films, mp3s, photos, videos, etc.
  • an online Personal Trainer offering interactive exercise guidance
  • games for training your mind while you train your body
  • Plug&Train: offers you the ability to save your favorite training exercises on a USB key and activate the machine automatically
  • IPTV, the first interface that can receive a TV signal via the PC networks

Check out the video demo for Visioweb (below).

Written by:

Frank Gruber is the cofounder, CEO and Executive Editor of Tech.Co (formerly Tech Cocktail). He is the author of the book, Startup Mixology, Tech Cocktail’s Guide to Building, Growing, and Celebrating Startup Success. He is also a startup advisor and investor to startups. Find Frank Gruber online and follow him on Twitter at @FrankGruber.

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