Vimeo Embraces AI With Its Latest Editing Features

The video platform hopes to cut down production and editing time with a suite of three new AI-powered tools.

Vimeo has this week announced its voyage into AI functionality with the introduction of three new tools – a script generator, teleprompter and text-based video editor. 

Much like Adobe and its recent roll out of AI-image generator Firefly, making content creation accessible is fast becoming a priority for major creative platforms. 

Vimeo’s new features have been designed for more entry-level users of the platform. Think time-poor CEOs or schedule-juggling social media managers, who need to create good content consistently, but don’t have the resources, skills or time to do it.

Let’s dig into what these tools look like and how they could help.

What Do The New Vimeo AI  Tools Look Like?

The features have been designed and developed with all stages of the production process accounted for. 

For pre-production and planning, we have the AI-powered script generator. In what looks set to rival ChatGPT and TikTok’s script generator, Vimeo’s version will create a video script in seconds to the tone of voice and duration of your choosing. All that’s needed is a brief description of what the video is about.

During recording, those who have trouble staying on script and maintaining eye contact with the webcam, will appreciate the new teleprompter. This fully integrated tool allows font size and pace personalization for text prompts while recording, much like in a real TV studio. By facilitating slicker presenting, this will undoubtedly cut down on time during filming.

When in editing, all those awkward ‘umms’ and ‘ahhhs’ look set to be a thing of the past. The text-based video editor will automatically detect and delete filler words, long pauses and any other unwanted noises in a single click. The need to manually edit every little detail is now gone, speeding up the entire post-production process.

AI tools like these from Vimeo look set to revolutionize the workplace. See how companies are using ChatGPT right now.

Saving Time Is A Key Objective

Vimeo’s internal research recently stated that – when recording – 50% of its customers shoot multiple takes, and out of those who reshoot, 25% of them do over five takes. All in all this adds up to a lot of time in creation, that may not even be worth it when it comes to the objectives of the video.

So, while these tools won’t necessarily inspire a burst of creativity or revolutionize the way long-form video content is created, it can certainly speed up the way TikToks, Reels, company meeting videos or short-form marketing clips are created. At least that’s the hope of Ashraf Alkarmi, chief product officer at Vimeo.

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“AI in video opens up a new frontier of accessibility. Any individual or business now has the ability to produce engaging, professional content with no prior production experience, and within mere minutes” – Ashraf Alkarmi, chief product officer at Vimeo

How AI-powered Video Is Becoming The New Normal

Don’t think that this is Vimeo’s first and last foray into AI either, as the company has made it explicitly clear that AI-powered tools are to become an integral part of their platform. Even for full-scale video production. 

Alkarmi went on to say: “We’re clearly only scratching the surface of what AI can accomplish for organizations and the people within them. We envision a future in which AI knowledge is a prerequisite, not a luxury, to video production. Leaders need to adapt now and empower their teams to create more efficiently, or risk getting left behind.”

Although talking about leaders and teams using Vimeo, that sentiment rings true for the platform itself, as a number of AI-powered video editing startups are seemingly hot on their heels. 

Platforms like Capsule, Descript and Dumme all provide rapid and sophisticated video editing functionality that users are quickly becoming accustomed to. This functionality isn’t just a ‘nice to have’, it’s fast becoming a necessity if you want to retain and grow your user base.

There’s not a long wait for these tools, as they’ll be available for Vimeo users in July. Although anyone with a Standard or Pro subscription plan can start to trial them now.

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