Affordable, Comfortable Virtual Reality Is Possible with BOBOVR

While technology’s most important function is bettering the world, a little entertainment never hurt anyone. And with virtual reality becoming more and more available to every day consumers, you would be remiss to avoid this unique innovation in entertainment technology. After all, this kind of revolution has been talked about for decades and is now hitting the market. Why would you want to miss out on that?

The main reason you would miss out on the virtual reality boom is price. Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR can cost you a pretty penny. Fortunately, there are VR headsets that can turn your phone into a technological marvel. And to get a good idea of how the virtual reality game is getting that much easier, we picked up a BOBOVR headset from GearBest. And boy, oh boy, were we impressed.


Setup and Installation

While the complicated nature of virtual reality has dissuaded many from making a purchase, this product was shockingly simple to set up. Within minutes, I was standing in my living room, swiveling around in circles, trying to avoid zombies that were hungry for my brains.

The steps are easy: download one of dozens of VR apps on your smartphone, remove any protective cases you might have, and plug in the headphone jack. You’ll be able to easily slide it into the clearly marked slot and it will fit perfectly. You must open whichever app you plan to use before you wear the headset, but with comprehensive apps like FullDrive and Cardboard, you can access all of your VR apps from inside your headset.


Uniquely, this product has a decompression strap on the top of your head to prevent a tight fit. Once you’ve adjusted the comfortable straps and placed the device on your head, all you need to do is adjust the viewer and you will be on your way.

Be sure to locate the single button on the headset before you put it on so you know how to use it before you get lost in a different world. The button does occasionally get stuck so remember, a light touch is all you need to select a game. Don’t push too hard or you will be stuck in a haunted house with no way of escaping (unless you take it off, of course).

The experience is incredibly immersive. The comfortable straps, combined with the cushion-laced noise-cancelling headphones, make sure you are 100 percent involved in the world you are experiencing. And you won’t be able shake it off your head if you try, no matter how many zombies are bearing down on you.


While few people are worried about how they look with a box tied to the front of their faces, BOBOVR has a sleek design that is easily on-par with most popular models. While the adjustable focus knobs do make it look a little “Frankenstein’s monster”-esque, the functionality more than makes up for it. Plus, with headphones that are clearly inspired by Beets by Dre, there is no need to worry about how you’re going to look in this VR headset.

Pros and Cons

  • Simple setup;
  • Incredibly immersive; and
  • Comfortable weight and design.
  • Overly sensitive buttons.

Overall Recommendation

If you haven’t tried out any virtual reality products yet, you absolutely need to get this product. Not only is it incredibly affordable at only $45, but it’s also one of the more immersive models on the market. Whether you are looking to enjoy a movie in virtual reality or chase down zombies in a haunted house, BOBOVR is going to help.

Where To Buy: GearBest (Use code LHXZ to get it for only $29.99)

Check out the video below to see me receiving the virtual reality headset from GearBest last week!

Photo: Flickr / Nan Palmero

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