5 Ways to Alter the Customer Shopping Experience

New technology can really alter the way your business works and also its bottom line. So, in 2016, why not consider some of these fantastic options to make more of your workplace and in doing so, change your customer shopping experience and grow your own business?

Create a Seamless Technology Experience

There are many different ways that consumers interact with your business. Some of these channels include your physical business location, the telephone during conversations with a customer service representative, in online chats, and other mobile apps. Activities are often completed using multiple channels at different times during the day. Your customer might stop interacting with your business in order to do more research or to attend to other things in their own personal life. In some cases, consumers might go from your physical store to your online version. Because of this, it is important that all of these channels be engineered for a more seamless customer experience.

In order to get better cross-channel experiences, customers are using their mobile devices. In order to make purchases, they are using their smart phones. When a retailer has a quality mobile application, they significantly improve the customer’s interactions. These more unified cross-channel experiences drive higher conversions.

Customer Engagement Increases with Solid Mobile Apps

When you have a mobile app that is always up and running well, your customers are more likely to remember that your business is open and available. You can remind your customers that its time to come in for a visit when you send out mobile coupons. Many retailers report increases in shopping activity after they issue coupons. RetailMeNot carried out a survey with Omnibus Company that revealed more than a third of all shoppers hunt for bargains. And, they use their mobile devices to search for online coupons.

Mobile coupons are powerful when it comes to engaging in real time with consumers. They are an excellent way to encourage people to visit your business. In fact, they are more likely to come into your store and complete a purchase when they receive a promotion such as a coupon when they are close to your store.

These mobile applications are also a great way to update your customers with your latest offers, discounts, and new products. Thanks to push notifications, a wonderful feature offered on mobile devices, you can remind your customer’s about your business to trigger impulse shopping.

Use the Power of Reviews to Increase Consumer Confidence in Your Business

Before making a purchase, the modern consumer looks up reviews on a product or business prior to making a decision to buy. In order to improve your conversion rate, take advantage of this trend by providing customer reviews to shoppers on your web store. In a research study by Cisco, they found that 63% of people who shop online make their purchasing decisions by using the ratings and reviews found on mobile apps and websites.

Use a POS System

Quality point of sale systems have changed the way we shop and continue to do so. From the first point of sale systems in the 1800s, to the electric POS systems of the 1900s and those of the modern age, they have changed the way we work, track sales and shop. This post showcases the evolution very well.

The evolution of the POS system has gone into overdrive in the last decade and the changes and alterations to the way they work is immense. Considering a new one for your business could make a significant difference to how effective it is and is certainly worthy of consideration.

Point of Sale Apps Boost Efficiency and Profits

Payments can be processed anywhere your retail staff is in the store when you use mobile point of sale applications. By processing payments promptly, you can make the sale before the customer changes their mind. When it comes to shopping inside of a brick-and-mortar store, long lines at the cash register make customers apprehensive. You can avoid these lines completely by switching to mobile applications.

In fact, it seems that the future is already here. Research by Motorola suggests that by the year 2017 half of all transactions done in-store are expected to be done using either a self-checkout feature on the customer’s own mobile device or a mobile point of sale application carried by a store employee.

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