You Can Lose Data in Weird Ways

While pretty much most of us recognize it, those times when we accidentally erase some of our computer data files, we can recover it. Savvy computer experts now possess some techniques by which to do this. Nevertheless, certainly not all data can always be retrieved, in fact, how these experts go about restoring data is incredibly complex. When we have tried to use a specialized data recovery software program to no avail, it is time to employ the services of experts in RAID data recovery and repair.

Even though most data recovery specialists will tell you that device malfunction is responsible for a substantial number of erased files, there are other calamities just waiting to happen.

1. Human Errors

Technical failure of computers is still the chief cause of data loss. However, human error in the form of negligence, anger and clumsiness is quickly moving up the ranks. Operator errors are becoming one of the primary reasons data requires rescuing. People will do one of two things that cause them to wipe out their data. They hit Delete or Format to erase something accidentally, or they cause physical damage by dropping their equipment or other accident types.

Examples of this sort include spilling coffee or pop on your laptop, forgetting your laptop on the roof of your car and driving off, all the way to extreme examples such as throwing your computer against a wall, at your spouse, or shooting it in anger. A little wild but there are instances!

2. Natural Disasters

Different than the data loss potential from exposure to humans, natural disasters are the utmost in uncontrollable reasons for data to be wiped out on your device. Fires, floods, tornados, or even earthquakes, all of them are situations that we cannot control. Luckily, only a minuscule percentage of people have lost data from a natural disaster, yet it is still important to try and minimize your risk of loss.

One natural occurrence that we never consider to be a threat to our data is a solar event. While Mother Earth’s magnetic field will protect us from the majority of the potential harm, it is our electronics that are the most vulnerable. Any device that stores information electronically is at risk of damage. Solar events may generate geomagnetic storms that affect satellites, interfering with radio transmissions resulting in data loss.

3. Software Corruption

Most of us have seen the applications we are using shut down unexpectedly without explanation. Usually, this type of software corruption happens during a critical document or photo edit and could be from a diagnostic application or excessive overuse of another application.

Data recovery is often performed by experts that use their patented procedures to retrieve data from a physically damaged device. Successful recovery from data loss requires implementation of an effective backup strategy. Recovery is also connected to how the data was lost. Science is also making advances such as the introduction of RAID (redundant array of independent disks) drives.

Regardless of how far technology advances, allowing people to regain lost data and information, the best bet is always to avoid using your laptop in the bath, while drinking red wine, or in the middle of a natural disaster.

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