5 Ways Technology Is Helping Us Handle Bad Habits

Technology has conquered various aspects of our lives; yes, we are talking about smartphones – but many people have created accompanying gadgets and software that is here to help us break our awful habits. There are several main ways that technology has allowed us to face our biggest problems and improve our quality of life.


This is one of the problems that the highest percentage of people around the globe are struggling with. Our everyday schedules have become so cramped that many of us are sleep-deprived.

Runtastic has launched a useful application that is meant to help people monitor and improve their sleeping patterns. Getting the right amount of sleep is essential for every individual’s health, but we often have trouble identifying the underlying problems that are causing us to stay up late, wake up several times a night or keep hitting the snooze button in the morning.

Once you become aware of exactly what it is that you are doing wrong, and how it affects your sleep patterns, it is much easier to start making changes. With this app at your side, you’ll start seeing positive results within a couple of weeks, as long as you’ll actually make an effort to improve your sleep habits.


Various lines of work now require people to be more sedentary. All this leads to increased obesity, as people do not move as much as they used to several decades ago, while at the same time having access to tons of cheap and calorie dense food. Luckily, the majority of smartphones are now capable of using specialized training apps, which are there to put you back on track.

From apps with guides on how to increase your jogging distance and pace, to various monitoring gadgets that are there to always keep you in the best heart rate zone, technology is being utilized to motivate people. These gadgets also increase awareness about the possible health problems that can arise from a lack of physical activity.

Fitbit has created a range of products to help people track their workout progress only proves that technology can seriously help people with setting and achieving their fitness goals.

The success of the company also confirms that there are a lot of customers who are interested in this type of product, meaning that people are accepting these gadgets and realizing that becoming more active is good for their health.


The good thing about the age we are currently living in is the fact that information on various topics is easily accessible by millions of people. There are numerous free guides on how to quit smoking that people can find with the help of the Internet. With further technological advancements, people have created gadgets such as e-cigarettes, which are helping millions around the globe quit their smoking habit.

Various studies from around the world have proven that using e-cigarettes, popularly referred to as “vaping”, is a far better way of quitting smoking when compared to other methods such as going cold turkey and using patches or nicotine gums.

The study concludes that a great number of people in Italy have stopped smoking after using e-cigarettes for a year. You can use e-liquids with less and less nicotine in them over a period of time, and you won’t have to worry about that ingrained habit of needing to have something in your hand or having to take a puff when you feel anxious.

By the end, you will be drawing only flavored vapour with little to no nicotine, and none of the harmful byproducts of burning tobacco. Overall this is another great example of how technology is helping people break awful habits.

Creating New Habits

Whereas some have created applications specialized for monitoring your workout and activity progress, others have become more focused on creating applications that are there to help you keep different aspects of your life in control. The Fabulous team has created an application that allows you to gradually start adopting good habits.

Through forming these habits, the creators of the application want people to grasp the full potential of life and learn to value the small things, which are actually the most important. An interesting fact is that the creators have created the app completely based on scientific research. For example, besides creating a good sleeping pattern, this app teaches you that you should turn off and even remove all sources of light from your room.

On the other hand, the application teaches you the value of meditation, and it is there to remind you to drink water regularly. The amount of good habits people can adopt is endless, which is why this application is currently conquering the market.

Acquiring Accurate Data Easily

Tracking how many miles you have ran, or how many repetitions you did is all well and good, but what if someone needs some solid data on their body composition, to help keep them motivated? For example, measuring your body fat percentage is a good way to determine how well your weight loss regime is going, as scales and simply looking at yourself in the mirror are not incredibly accurate.

This sort of data can be acquired in different ways, but it all requires the involvement of professionals, and that comes at quite a cost. Well, with a device like the Skulpt Aim, it is now easier than ever to get a quick estimate of your body fat percentage. This will allow you to see if you are losing more water weight and muscle than actual fat, so that you can adjust your diet and training accordingly.

These are only some of the ways technology is being used to help people improve their lives by leaving behind bad habits and picking up much healthier ones. From small things such as the auto-lowering of volume when using headphones, to big things such as constant heart rate monitoring with smart watches, technology is helping us stay safe and live longer. We can only imagine what the future holds, as this is just the beginning of the era of wearable tech and health boosting gadgets.

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