Mobile App-Embedded Wearables is the Future of Technology

Our world is slowly embracing wearable-tech. From healthcare industries to education and entertainment, wearable is the need of the hour. Gone are the days when Google Glass ruled the roost. Now, there is a whole range of smart wearables available, integrated with mobile apps.

The integration of a simple mobile app into your wearable helps to:

  • Bridge communication gaps
  • Streamline distribution
  • Foster better remote work-management
  • Increase productivity, among others
  • Improve lifestyles
  • Address emergency situations, such as in healthcare

Let’s take a look at some interesting integrations of mobile app and wearables.

Having a purpose-centric app says a lot about your business. It gives your brand perspective and lets you stay focused. Apps are a living entity in themselves. They help to boost customer engagement by direct interaction. Apps push brands to differentiate themselves from the competition. Not to forget the quick revenue a great app can generate when done right.

1. Pebble smart-watch is more than a colorful watch. It manages information like notifications, music, health management and alarm clock, all on your wrist. It gives you quick access to any action in a matter of seconds.

2. RunKeeper is designed specifically to help users stay healthy and monitor their health. It offers a range of products from apparel to fitness sensors. It offers a great platform for healthcare devices to improve users’ lives.

3. BlueJewelz is smart jewelry, which can be worn by women. It notifies you of important messages and lets you stay connected even when without your phone.

4. PosturePulse is a simple bio feedback belt. It helps wearers to maintain the right posture. It is worn underneath the clothing. It can be attached to the chair while sitting for a longer duration.

The Challenge for Wearables

It is all about affordability!
Apart from offering a great user experience, wearable-tech needs to be much affordable than it is now, whether available for personal or professional use. For instance, Paulig’s mug is an expensive product. It will take time before it becomes accessible to everyone.

For brands, it becomes an even bigger challenge to incorporate wearable-tech into its routine. Just like individuals, businesses are not yet comfortable with the idea of shelling out money on super expensive wearables.

The Future is Wearable
We must understand that wearable-tech is not just about pulling out a spreadsheet and fulfilling tasks. It is about creating a smart app in tune with your wearable-tech. It must be able to offer timely advice, improve productivity, and fulfill lifestyle needs.

Most importantly, wearable-tech has to be designed to keep in mind the way users would like to wear it. Whether on a wrist, in eye wear or contact lenses, in clothing, or in jewelry, the options are immense. Wearable-makers will have to consider this before expecting large-scale adoption.

The role of mobile apps in wearable-tech is more about simplifying systems and breaking barriers to help users establish tasks. The optimum result is in giving users a sense of entitlement and accomplishment in the redundancy of life.

Your Turn
Are you using any wearables? What benefits do you see in your work and health?

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