Web Clipping and Curation Platform Memit Launches One-Click Solution

In a world of endless content, excluding our awesome articles of course, there are numerous ways for you to save, share, and interact with it all, Back in the days of dialup we primarily used bookmarks, eventually they were even accessible by simply signing in from another location thanks to the magic of the cloud. However, for nearly the past decade tools such as Evernote and Pocket have made it easy for us to collect content and notes from any device and on any platform. Last year a Denmark based startup, Memit, threw their brand into the mix, and today they are offering a one-click solution to make it even easier.

Unlike the other web clipping and curation platforms, Memit is entirely free and will rollout a monetization plan at a later date. The content is also stored on cloud platforms such as Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and Barracuda.

“With a very crowded market for standalone file sync and share, as well as the extremely competitive dynamics around pricing, one thing is clear: cloud storage isn’t just about storage anymore,” explained Cyrus Farudi, Director Cloud File Services, Barracuda. “It’s about creating a robust feature set that integrates with a user’s workflow. Barracuda is excited about our integration with Memit ­ to provide our mutual customers with added powerful curation and collaboration capabilities that complement the security, data protection, and productivity features of the CudaDrive platform.”

Memit also differs from other web clipping and content curation platforms in that it includes analytics for how often it has been read. For teams, this allows you to internally see how much attention it’s getting, and also allows people to directly comment on it rather than on the site itself. It’s what they call the digital watercooler. Although Memit is currently free, their founder has provided some insight into how they will drive revenue.

“Essentially we believe that we have found a way to give all the pro web clipping and curation features away for free – where others have to charge. We feel that these features should be working as natural extensions of cloud services, and as a result – we’re introducing a new way of charging. For B2B, we will charge in association to the cloud provider – by user number, access management, and content protection. For B2C, it will not be based on features but on metrics from those benefiting from an individual sharing his or her content. For example, if a user gets a lot of hits on their content, creating value for the user, they will be charged based on value and benefit,” said CEO and Founder, Jan Futtrup Kjaer.

Memit also plans to add analytics so users can track the ripple effect of sharing the content both internally and externally. When compared to the other major players, the company still has a limited feature set. Buffer has advanced analytics, scheduled posting, and expansive account integration; and Evernote and Pocket have apps on every major platform and also integrate with major cloud platforms through services such as IFTTT.

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