5 Weird Devices Connected Through the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has become a staple of innovative companies. If you want to make an impact on your market, you need to make sure you can contribute to this network of connected devices. From home security systems to smart thermometers, there is no end to the technology improving life around the house.

However, with innovative technologies comes a need to excessively utilize them. From Pizza Hut’s cardboard DJ table to KFC’s smartphone charger in a Meal Box, there is no shortage of examples of odd uses for new devices. And when it comes to the Internet of Things, there are plenty of strange products being connected on a daily basis.


Who hasn’t been enjoying their morning constitutional and thought, “Man, I wish I didn’t have to turn around to flush”? Well, no one has probably thought that, but they will now thanks to the popularity of smart toilets.

These handy connected bathroom installments can do everything from remote flush and self-clean to massage your butt and warm your toes. Some of them even come with night-lights and slow closing lids so that any bathroom-related argument can be squashed in a second.

Dog Houses

Everyone loves caring for their pets and the tech market has gotten on board. There are dozens of pet startups and wearables that aim to make own a pet that much easier. You can get everything from smart leases to smart feeders that will keep you and your furry friend happy.

But now, technology has gone even further by providing smart dog houses for pet owners around the world. In New York, remotely monitored, environmentally controlled doghouses sit outside brick-and-mortar stores to give people a place to “park” their pets, offering shelter that can be monitored via mobile app.


Yes, baby monitors do a great job of helping you keep track of your child. Even the hi-tech ones are able to monitor temperature, provide live video, and whisper sweet nothings to keep your little one sleeping soundly. But those monitors can’t do everything.

With smart onesies, you can take helicopter parenting to a whole new level. Some hi-tech wearables allow you to see how your baby is breathing as well as their body position, sleeping temperature, activity level, and whether they’re asleep.

Mattress Covers

Everyone knows that you send one third of your life sleeping. This is typically the excuse people make for spending too much on a bed. But with technology progressing faster than anyone could have ever imagined, an expensive mattress is the least of your worries.

Smart mattress covers will change the way you finish your day. Eight, for example, is sensor-filled mattress cover designed to personalize and improve sleep for everybody. It senses and analyzes over 15 factors from your sleep patterns and bedroom environment, to determine the conditions that help you rest your best.

Egg Trays

You’ve probably seen plenty of smart kitchen technology. Smart refrigerators that take pictures of your food. Smart coffee makers that brew the perfect cup every time. Even smart toasters that guarantee you won’t burn your bread early in the morning when you are still technically sleeping. But a smart egg tray connected through the Internet of Things? Oh yeah, it’s a thing.

Granted, the fear of running out of eggs has paralyzed even the greatest minds. But this egg tray can track how many you have left on a fancy mobile app, and can even alert you to which of the eggs is the freshest. It uses WiFi connectivity to keep you up to date on your favorite source of protein at breakfast.

Photo: EggMinder

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