What Is Poe? The AI Chatbot Aggregator Explained

This platform allows you to access a wide range of AI chatbots, in a single hub. You can even make your own!

The popularity of AI chatbots has exploded over the last year, with every big tech firm and small startup putting out an iteration that can answer questions, generate content, and perform a wide range of other impressive tasks.

However, with so many options out there, how do you choose which AI chatbat is the right one for you? Well, with Poe, you don’t have to! This AI chatbot aggregator allows you to access a wide range of AI chatbots in a single hub and even create some of your own.

In this guide, you’ll learn exactly what Poe is, how it works, which chatbots are available, how much it costs, and how you can make money on Poe by creating your own chatbots.

What Is Poe?

Poe is an online platform and app that allows you to access a wide range AI chatbots, including ChatGPT, Claude, and even is own, to more effectively aggregate your options into a single hub. Poe also has its own AI chatbot called Assistant, which you can add to your AI chatbot lineup on the platform.

On top of that, you can create your own AI chatbots to store on the platform, which can also be used by other users. You can even get paid for your chatbots when other users take advantage of your creations.

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Which AI Chatbots Are Available on Poe?

What sets Poe apart from other AI chatbots is that it doesn’t just allow you to access its own chatbot, Assistant. Instead, you’ll be able to access, store, and organize conversations with other AI chatbots, creating a full-on hub for your conversations and content.

So, which AI chatbots are available on Poe? Here’s a comprehensive list of some of the most notable AI chatbots you can find on the platform:

  • ChatGPT from OpenAI
  • DALL-E-3 from OpenAI
  • Google PaLM
  • Llama 2 from Meta
  • Claude Instant from Anthropic
  • Claude 2 from Anthropic
  • StableDiffusionXL from Stability AI

Poe has been frequently updating its platform to integrate with more official AI chatbots, so be sure to check back to see if your favorite gets added.

This list of official AI chatbots is just the tip of the iceberg for Poe, though. The platform also allows users to create their own chatbots and makes them available to all Poe users. These chatbots are specialized for more specific purposes, from creating stock photography to predicting sports scores.

Poe AI Chatbot List

Where Is Poe Available?

Poe is available across all the expect avenues, so you shouldn’t have any trouble with using the AI chatbot aggregator on your device.

For starters, Poe is available on web. Just head on over to poe.com and you’ll be able to get started once you login. There’s also a desktop app that, according to Poe, will give you faster functionality for AI chatbots.

Additionally, Poe comes as a mobile app for both iOS and Android, so you can aggregate all your AI chatbots on your smartphone for easy use.

How to Use Poe

Now that you know about everything that Poe has to offer and where you can use the service, it’s time to get started. Fortunately, Poe is extremely intuitive, with a simple interface that will have you engaging with AI chatbots faster than you can say, “Skynet.”

To kick things off, you’ll have to select which AI chatbot you actually want to talk to. You can access a list of your options in a few different ways, including clicking the Your bots button, the Explore banner, or the start chat icon found in the interface. This will bring up a list of AI chatbots that you can choose from.

Once you’ve decided which AI chatbot you want to talk to, you’ll be taken to a chat box that will allow you to ask questions and posit requests. The interface is the same for all chatbots, although you’ll obviously get different responses depending on which one you’ve selected.

If you want to experiment with a bunch of different AI chatbots, you can easily revisit former chats. There’s a menu bar that keeps track of all your different conversations, so you can easily swap between them to compare your answers.

Poe AI Chatbot Conversations

How Much Does Poe Cost?

Good news! Poe offers a free version that will allow you to access a wide range of AI chatbots that can help handle tasks from image generation to content creation.

However, the free version is a bit limited, particularly when it comes to which AI chatbots you have access to. The newest versions of GPT-4, DALL-E-3, and Claude 2 are all behind a paywall, so you won’t be able to use the more advanced versions without subscribing with a monthly fee.

Poe comes with a single paid plan, which costs $19.99 per month, or you can sign up for a full year, which will bring the cost down to only $16.67 per month, which comes out to around $200 per year.

In addition to unlocking the AI chatbots listed above, the paid plan will get you faster responses from AI chatbots and will give you higher allotments of messages that you can send daily.

How to Create Your Own Bot on Poe

Poe is more than just a simple AI chatbot aggregator for official options from big tech firms. You can also create your own bots on the platform that will be available to users across the Poe community.

As for how to create bots, the process again is shockingly simple. Just click the Create a bot banner and you’ll be taken to a form that will get you started. You can edit the image, change the name, develop the prompts, select the base bot, and add the knowledge source, along with a few other customizable features for your bot.

Once the bot is ready, select the Create bot button, and you’ll be taken to a chat box like any other official AI chatbot, so you can ask questions and get responses based on your input. Then, you can share it across the platform, on social media, and with your friends with a chance to even make a bit of money if it becomes popular.

Poe Create AI Chatbot

How to Get Paid from Poe

Fortunately, Poe doesn’t expect you to create your own AI chatbots without a bit of compensation. There are a few ways to get paid from Poe for creating AI chatbots, which can help you make a bit of money from your AI prowess. Here are the ways in which you can make money from Poe:

  • When your bot brings users to Poe for the first time and they subscribe.
  • When your bot brings users back to Poe and they subscribe.
  • When your bot’s paywall is seen just before users subscribe.
  • When users send messages to your bot (in development).

As we’ve mentioned before, developers are constantly updating Poe to make it more effective, which means that compensation packages will likely improve over time, so be sure to check back for updates in regard to how to get paid on Poe.

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