Where are you Gonnabe? Time to plan the future.

Gonnabe is an app that aims to help you plan your future. Have you ever wondered what events friends, colleagues or industry leaders are doing this weekend? Gonnabe allows you to announce places that you will be in the future (can be marked public or private). From there, others will view and join you at the specified time.

There are a lot of competitors in the space for a reason. Social planning can become disorganized and complicated, given the quantity of events and diversity of friend groups. Companies like Doodle are growing fast, helping make it easier to get people together. The future/intent space is open for the taking. At the same time, advertisers have a growing desire for more sophisticated targeting regarding user intent. Understanding “where users will be” could become powerful for advertisers.

One problem that Gonnabe has had to deal with is commitment. Meetup has the same problem, where individuals will join an event, but not end up attending. For example, I may note on Gonnabe that “I’m in,” but not end up showing up. To solve this, they are adding more features for users to show partial intent and have conversations. They recently updated their platform to include “like” and “comment” on events. Gonnabe hopes that this will help it become the go-to social platform for showing interest and joining events.

The largest problem they will face is solving the “empty room” issue. Gonnabe has been working on major brand partnerships and adding public content the past few months. It recently signed a partnership with Ticketmaster and LiveNation, adding thousands of events into the system. These kinds of partnerships will increase the content available and will help drive their overall success. Also, Gonnabe believes that its UX will help it grow in the long term. They have several patents, including an impressive temporal mapping interface that makes it fun to use.

So, find out where I’m Gonnabe next week, or when I attend the next LA tech event on Gonnabe.

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Micah Cohen is a Tech Cocktail writer interested in startups, innovation and growth strategies. Currently, Micah is a Director at the fast-growing social dining LA startup, Grubwithus, and previously worked on user acquisition at LivingSocial. Micah is passionate about using technology to re-imagine our world across industries, social classes, and countries. He loves playing soccer, painting, and biking. You can follow him on Twitter @miccohen
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